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Stunning 3D Holograms. Right in front of you.

The 15.6" light field display for your daily 3D work.

Whether working individually or in a group, Looking Glass 4K Gen2 is the ultimate 3D deskmate, sitting on your desk with the rest of your daily tools. No VR/AR headgear required..

1:1 representation

When you connect your Looking Glass to your desktop or laptop, your 2D creations on your screen come to life in a one-to-one 3D holographic view.

Perfect for group viewing

With a 58-degree viewing cone, the Looking Glass 4K Gen2 allows you to easily share your 3D content live with the people around you.

No blockers

A simple 2-cord setup delivers holograms directly to your desk. With your blockless light field display, the third dimension is just a head-turn away.

Holograms taking care of business.

See how Looking Glass Glass 4K Gen2 fits onto desks and workflows around the world.

T-Rex by Ashkan Azarmi

3D Creation and Storytelling

Debuting your creations in 3D ensures delight at first sight for viewers, while making the process far more efficient for presenters. Whether you’re designing a game, building a digital avatar, or crafting interactive experiences, you'll have the best 3D perspective at a glance.

Scientific and Medical Visualization

Looking Glass 4K Gen2 is for anyone who works with LiDAR data, DICOM scans, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, climate science, and other fields where you need to visualize and analyze data in 3D. Now your team can examine models, simulations, and molecular environments with holographic ease.

Equipped with powerful 3D creation tools.

Your Looking Glass holographic interface is powered by a robust suite of SDKs and utilities.

HoloPlay Studio

View and edit a variety of 3D image and video formats on the Looking Glass.

HoloPlay Unity Plugin

Create holographic characters, experiences, and entire worlds with our Unity Plugin.

HoloPlay Unreal Plugin

Create and interact with highly realistic holographic creations with our Unreal Plugin.

Blender Add-on

Create beautiful holographic scenes and animations with our Blender add-on.

3D Model Importer

Load glTF, GLB, and OBJ models into the Looking Glass to view models in true 3D.

Depth Recorder

Stream a 3D representation of your world and create holographic videos with futuristic effects.


Edit Portrait mode and other depth photos with backgrounds, animated gifs, and effects.

Tech Specifications


Display Size


Viewing Cone

3840 x 2160

Input Resolution

45 – 100

Number of Views

Empowering leading 3D professionals and companies.

Looking Glass 4K Gen2

The display your 3D workflow deserves.
Shipping June 2022.