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Designed for the most immersive 3D experiences.

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At an impressive 32” and boasting an ultra-realistic display resolution four times higher than HD, one single Looking Glass 8K Gen2 will completely change the way your team works together in three dimensions.

A New Dimension of Productivity

Eukaryotic Cell Cross Section by Ebers

XR Collaboration Made Simple

Important decisions are made collaboratively. Only Looking Glass 8K Gen2 allows teams to focus 3D collaboration around a single interface that supports multiple viewers at once.

Now teams can put their heads together without headsets.

Clearer Insights

Discussions about 3D data flow best when the content viewed is detailed and clear for all.

When it feels real to your team, their engagements will be thorough, their insights more profound, and decisions will be better than ever.

Saving Time in Real-Time

We understand that teams that make high-stake decisions don’t have time for cumbersome or isolating environments.

Save valuable time by allowing your team to be on the same page at the same time at a moment’s notice.

Holograms Without Hassle

Seamless Software Integrations

Find 3D software support for programs like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Blender, plus a development kit for custom rendering pipelines.

24/7 3D Viewing

You need an efficient way to work with 3D assets. Our patented holographic technology allows you to work all day long, with no eye strain at all—even after viewing many hours, in real-time.

The 3D Experience You Need

Finally, a collaborative 3D viewing experience that’s exactly what you imagined it would be in the future. 

And it’s available now

Industry Solutions

Holographic technology is an essential component of any enterprise workflow that involves 3D content. Whether you’re presenting a molecular environment, replicating a digital twin, or demonstrating an application to a crowd. Your audience can grasp concepts instantly—regardless of technical ability.

See how companies across industries are optimizing for efficiency and increasing returns with 3D holograms today.

Product Design & Engineering

Tired of the tedious back-and-forth between dimensions? Now your team can work in 3D from start to finish—from internal reviews with teams to final client presentations—all from a shared perspective throughout the process.

Essential design processes are also enhanced. You can adjust, view, and modify complex 3D CAD models in real-time. Not only does that save you time, but now you can also trust that your final product designs are the best they can be.

See our support for tools like ParaView, plus a tool for importing 3D models.

Medical & Scientific Visualization

Scientists at Schrodinger recognize that ‘real-time 3D visualization is important because life is in 3D’. Proc ess molecular, anatomy, and other kinds of medical/scientific scans in a way that's clear for everyone—all while avoiding headaches and motion sickness that viewers of other 3D systems report experiencing.

When time can be a crucial life-saving factor, it’s important to be able to effectively read 3D information as quickly as possible. Process holograms in a heartbeat and give everyone involved a more intuitive viewing experience—from the team you work with daily, to your patients that depend on you for clear and concise interpretations of complicated data.

Browse our support for tools like PyMOL, Maestro, ParaView, Slicer, and VTK.

Research & Development

R&D isn’t always a straightforward process. You want a 3D interface that seamlessly fits into your creative process without getting in the way. Looking Glass 8K Gen2 is truly your best 3D partner.

Building for the future is an ongoing collaborative process involving, creating, recreating, and evaluating. With a Looking Glass 8K Gen2 you can look at virtual infrastructure projects and models in the most realistic 3D environment on the market—in real-time.

Enjoy free support for engines like Unity and Unreal, and tools like HoloPlay Studio for syncing to a standalone device.

Experiential Marketing

Hold a crowd’s attention like no other. Impress viewers with the most interactive experience they’ve ever had.

It’s a new world out there, which means we have to change the way we think about location-based physical experiences. Holograms in Looking Glass 8K Gen2 are spectacularly powerful and offer a new level of audience engagement in spaces like museums, retail shops, and trade shows. Viewers will be stunned, and brands will be forever associated with futuristic cutting-edge display technology.

Explore our plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine, plus our add-on for Blender.

Equipped with powerful 3D creation tools.

Your Looking Glass holographic interface is powered by a robust suite of SDKs and utilities.

HoloPlay Studio

View and edit a variety of 3D image and video formats on the Looking Glass.

HoloPlay Unity Plugin

Create holographic characters, experiences, and entire worlds with our Unity Plugin.

HoloPlay Unreal Plugin

Create and interact with highly realistic holographic creations with our Unreal Plugin.

Blender Add-on

Create beautiful holographic scenes and animations with our Blender add-on.

3D Model Importer

Load glTF, GLB, and OBJ models into the Looking Glass to view models in true 3D.

Depth Recorder

Stream a 3D representation of your world and create holographic videos with futuristic effects.


Edit Portrait mode and other depth photos with backgrounds, animated gifs, and effects.

Tech Specifications


Display Size


Viewing Cone

7680 x 4320

Input Resolution

45 – 100

Number of Views

Powering 3D workflows at leading companies.

Looking Glass 8K Gen2

Reimagine 3D visualization in your organization.