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Looking Glass
is the hologram company.

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Create, display, and share 3D holograms

We live in 3D. And yet, 99.99% of content created in 3D is rendered and experienced in 2D. Looking Glass Factory is changing that, through the power of the hologram.

Create holograms

Our holographic software suite supports a wide range of 3D creation tools: Unity, Blender, Unreal, and even the depth cameras on your smartphone. You can generate holograms from anything in 3D, today. Learn more ↗

Supported platforms and devices

Display holograms

With the advances made in AR, VR, and holographic displays, people can now view and interact with colorful, dynamic holograms in the real world. Shop now ↗

Supported platforms and devices

Desktop Holographic Displays

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Massive Holographic Displays

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AR/VR/Mobile Devices

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Share holograms

Our new holographic media embed allows people to share 3D holograms virtually anywhere on the internet, across any device, with a single link. Join the pilot ↗

Supported hardware

Laptops & Desktops

AR/VR Headsets

Mobile Phones & Tablets

Holographic Displays

A Letter from Shawn

The shift from 2D to 3D will be the next major step in media, similar to the shift from radio to television and black/white to color.

From 2D flatland into the 3D world, welcome to the holographic future.

Shawn Frayne

CEO, Looking Glass


Introducing Looking Glass 65”.

See the impossible ↗
Blade Runner 2049

Now playing in 3D. See you in the future.