Bring 2D images to 3D life.

Our cloud-based technology transforms any* 2D image into a high-quality depth map, which can be displayed as a three-dimensional hologram.

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A sample 2D image

Select an image for 3D conversion.

We recommend using images with clear 3D geometry, such as real-world photos or artwork with a range of dark and light values. Portraits of people and animals work particularly well.

A sample 2D image along with its depth map

Convert the image in our 2D-to-3D tool.

Drop your image into the file picker above, or click the box to select a file. When ready, click the Convert button to begin generating your depth map. Conversions can take up to 2 minutes.

A Looking Glass displaying a hologram

Import depth map into the Looking Glass.

Open HoloPlay Studio and import your side-by-side depth photo to view the image as a three-dimensional hologram in your Looking Glass. Learn more in this HoloPlay Studio tutorial.

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