Heart Viewer

Heart Viewer

Rotate and slice 3D MRI Scans and CAT Scans


  • HoloPlay version 0.392
  • Uses RealSense
  • Uses sound
Windows Mac

The source code is provided as an example of what's possible with the HoloPlayer. Note that the HoloPlay SDK that these apps are built on is not open source and is provided for use under this license.


There are two modes, GESTURE mode and BUTTON/JOYCON mode. Press Spacebar to switch between then.

In GESTURE mode:
Use one finger to rotate the heart, use two fingers to slice into it to reveal the insides.

In BUTTON mode:

[1]: Hold to cross-section
[2]: Hold to rotate
[3]: Hold to rotate
[4]: Hold to cross-section

You can adjust how quickly the heart spins by pressing the + and – keys.

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