1. Connect your Looking Glass

Your Looking Glass should have come with a printed Setup Guide. If you’ve misplaced it, you can access the online version below. This Setup Guide will walk you through how to get your Looking Glass connected to your computer.

Standard LKG Setup Guide

Large LKG Setup Guide

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2. Verify with this Test Pattern

Download the Example Scene, then unzip and run the application inside the folder “Test App”. Confirm that your display settings are properly calibrated and the icons light up in the display when the corresponding buttons on the Looking Glass are pressed.

Download Example Scene

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3. Download the App Library

For the best experience with the App Library, we recommend using a PC with a dedicated graphics card. For setup, please make sure your computer is connected to the internet. Explore our collection of starter applications to preview the range of possibilities with the Looking Glass.

Download Library v0.4.0 (PC)

Download Library v0.4.0 (Mac)

(Mac: Experimental build. Expect slower performance)

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4. Create in 3D with the Unity SDK

Download the latest version of the HoloPlay Unity SDK. Open Unity and create a new 3D project. Click on Assets > Import Package > Custom Package, and select the custom HoloPlay SDK asset package to bring into Unity. Accept the recommended changes to your project settings. With that, you’ll be ready to see and create 3D content with your Looking Glass!

Download HoloPlay Unity SDK

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