HoloPlay SDK for the Looking Glass

HoloPlay SDK for the Looking Glass 1.0.0

Bring 3D virtual worlds and characters to life in a Looking Glass holographic display using the HoloPlay SDK.

1.0.0 for the Looking Glass

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Brace yourself. Major refactor!

  • Read about all the changes here.


  • Fixed minor camera aspect glitch when using extended UI
  • Fixed extended UI breaking on large Looking Glass
  • Replaced license with a pdf version


  • Updated License
  • Changed example scene


  • Added an easier way to add and remove additional Captures to the main HoloPlay Capture (for multi-cam rendering)
  • Edited the default NearClipFactor and FarClipFactor of the HoloPlay Capture to be 1f and 1.5f respectively


  • Fixed an issue with the aspect ratio handling where it was incorrectly loading
  • Released Streaming package, which contains the quilt receiver used in the Library


  • Added varied aspect handling to quilt tiling settings, along with a toggle for overscan or letterboxing
  • Fixed flip X and flip Y settings in calibrator


  • Calibrator changes
    • Loading calibration backup from json file to Serial Flash is now available


  • Test app changes
    • Fixed error where button test was not printing to screen, even though they were functional
  • Added button test to F8 debug printout
  • Capture.cs now uses the property Cam to access the camera, forcing it to initialize if it hasn’t done so already


  • Test app changes
    • Fixed an issue where serial flash was disabled from a previous experiment


  • Added dynamic tiling settings by default. Lower quality settings -> fewer and lower resolution views. High Quality is still 4096px quilt @ 45 views, Medium is 2048px @ 32 views (standard), and Low is 1600px @ 24 views.
  • Made UI able to be mirrored on Mac
  • Calibrator chages
    • Fixed error where center slider does not initialize properly after creating a new calibration file
    • Removed the excessive Mac drives that populate both the backup and config management screens


  • Fixed error where Capture was occasionally resetting its transform on play
  • Calibrator changes
    • Added backup option for creating the backup folders easily
    • Fixed serial flash serial # not saving to USB key
    • Panda now faces forward for more accurate reflection of whether views are centered properly
    • Serial # entry now pads with 0s, so for example, you can hit 1 and enter and it will automatically populate to 00001


  • Updated calibrator to include serial # and preset for LKG XL


  • Fixed an issue with aspect ratio on large Looking Glasses


  • Fixed the null shader error on import (only happened once)
  • Added proper feedback on where config is loaded from, to both the Calibrator and the F8 debug printout
  • Cleaned up the shader code on lenticular.cs


  • Reverted to using OnRenderImage instead of OnPreRender for the quilt rendering


  • Added Capture.Cam property, which checks for an attached camera on get{}


  • Started using semantic versioning
  • Started using serial flash memory for calibration, with drive storage being the fallback
  • Removed realsense touch integration and made it available as a separate package
  • Calibration loads once in HoloPlay.Quilt on Awake and does not reload in OnEnable


If importing to a project for the first time, just double click download and import! If updating a project with a pre-existing HoloPlay SDK:

  1. Start a new scene, keep it blank.
  2. Delete the entire existing HoloPlay SDK folder.
  3. Import the new .unitypackage.
  4. Project should be now up to date!


Note that the HoloPlay SDK that our applications are built on is not open source and is provided under license.

The source code is provided as an example of what’s possible with the HoloPlayer.

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