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Add a new dimension to your business.

Make your 3D content speak volumes.

The Looking Glass will transform how your products are created, viewed, and shared with the world.

Give your customers an experience from the future without the friction of strapping a sweaty VR headset to their faces. Empower your teams with collaboration on 3D assets in group-viewable superstereoscopic 3D for the first time.

Custom Holographic Solutions

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Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Empower your 3D artists, animators, and game developers to preview their work in the proper context by importing their models directly into the Looking Glass. Install holographic displays in museums, theme parks, or branded spaces to create richer 3D experiences for groups of people simultaneously.

Architecture & Industrial Design

Architecture & Industrial Design

Present your models to a group of colleagues or clients before a single object is built. Introduce holographic displays to your workflow to discard laborious VR/AR headset review sessions and avoid wasted 3D printing attempts. With the Looking Glass, your organization can now effectively and economically present, build, and collaborate in 3D.

Shopping & Retail


The Looking Glass removes the limitations of physical inventory. Create stunning displays across all your locations. Allow people to view and consider products across your entire catalog in a realistic manner. Change the color or add a finish instantly. True 3D content empowers your customers to make informed, confident purchases.



Kids learning to code and design 3D apps and games in Unity don’t have to share a single VR headset any longer. Those same experiences can be created for the Looking Glass using our HoloPlay Unity SDK, leveraging the same 3D design and development curriculum schools and other education programs already teach.

“The most mind-blowing technology I’ve seen in years. It’s the truly futuristic, deeply immersive display we’ve always dreamed of.”

Jake Lodwick

Founder, Vimeo & Keezy

“Finally, people can actually build experiences, build interactions that happen in 3D in autostereoscopic, no-glasses 3D, it’s what everyone’s wanted all along.”

John Underkoffler

CEO, Oblong

Creator of holograms in Minority Report & Iron Man

“A beautiful and elegant piece of technology, affording the viewer the dignity of seeing 3D worlds without strapping a thing to their head.”

David O’Reilly

Artist & Game Designer (Everything, Mountain)

Director of hologram sequence in Her

“They’ve gone from 2-D stuff to actual digital holograms that are interactive and it’s amazing.”

Zach Hoeken Smith

Co-founder, Makerbot

“My initial experience with Looking Glass was really that it’s magic. The way in which you experience 3D is much more natural and instinctive in terms of seeing how you can understand the layers of a space.”

Suchi Reddy

Architect & Founder, Reddymade

“I’ve been working on and studying 3D displays for a long time and the Looking Glass is the first display that delivers on the promise of the hologram. It feels like you’re experiencing something out of a sci-fi movie.”

Matt Parker

Assistant Professor, NYU Game Center

“You’re close to this technology, you’re interacting with this display, so you see it as a home for [my 3D] creature... it’s a real intimate process of creation.”

Maria Mishurenko

Game & Experience Designer

“It's like being in a movie and planning something important in 3D, but it's real.”

Eric Wilhelm


Vice President Fusion 360, Autodesk

Picture of a Standard Looking Glass

Standard Looking Glass

8.9”. For the desks of 3D creators everywhere.

Picture of a Large Looking Glass

Large Looking Glass

15.6”. For simulation/design review and retail display.

Large Looking Glass

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