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Advances in technology used to create, distribute, and consume content (video, music, games, etc.) have contributed to innovation in the content industry. These technologies are not limited to the content world, but may change the future of society.

DCEXPO has created new ideas through lectures by experts, researchers, and creators who are active at the forefront, including cutting-edge technologies that have just created a new market or have the potential, and display of the latest content. It is a place where you can meet new people, discover new business and creation possibilities.

CEO Shawn Frayne will be speaking at the expo on November 15th at 14:00.

Looking Glass will be demoing at the expo.


Chiba, Japan


Japan, 〒261-8550 Chiba, Mihama Ward, Nakase, 2 Chome−1


Wednesday, November 13o, 10:00:00 am


Friday, November 15o, 4:30:00 pm