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UnityNYC Offical User Group

Can your organizers maintain a monthly meeting schedule after hosting our first jam in two years? Let’s find out!

We’ve got a couple of terrific presenters lined up for July, and to accommodate other demo requests, we’re going to try out reserving half of our timeslot for “expo-style” floor demos. We’d still love to have as much heads-up as possible for these, and we don’t have a full floor yet, so please let us know if you’d be at all interested in an informal floor slot ASAP, and we’ll credit you here if you like.

We’ve also got some excited pizza-related news to share at the event, and copious drinks as usual. This month’s lineup:

Synesthetic Echo - Bizarre Barber
Gordey Chernyy and Maria Mishurenko make up this local XR design studio, and will present their Oculus-Launchpad-funded VR title - an “immersive action-based postapocalyptic hairstyling simulator”, which looks fantastic, and also looks to have originated as an NYU thesis project. The team will also discuss performance, and “lean development strategies and funding”, also known as “indie survival strategy”.

Looking Glass Factory - HoloPlay Unity SDK For those who haven’t seen it, the Looking Glass is a “holographic” dev platform, for creating 3D visuals that appear in a small glass box, rather than on a screen. They’re made by another NYC local company, and also seemingly originated from NYU. Perhaps it’s no surprise that you can see them on Synesthetic Echo’s About page! ( Looking Glass will be presenting their Unity SDK on stage, giving us a crash course on developing for it, and hopefully putting the product through its paces.

UnityNYC Community - Expo Floor Demos As you can see on last month’s event comments, we’ve got multiple community members interested in showing off stuff informally, probably with Quests. So this month, we’ll reserve about half of our show to allow them to do just that. Again, please let your organizers know if you’d like us to save you some space.


New York, NY


Wednesday, July 17o, 7:00:00 pm


Wednesday, July 17o, 9:00:00 pm