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Celebrating Blender Artists 🎨

Celebrate 3D art made in Blender 2.93 with the Alice/LG 2.0 add-on.

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Hologram Drops β˜”

Download the latest hologram drops from our amazing community of creators and from our awesome team, highlighting all of the holograms you can create using our suite software tools and inspiring you to create holograms that we can't even imagine.

The Looking Glass Portrait comes prepackaged with a demo reel of some of the most stunning holograms we could find or create.

Celebrate 3D art made in Blender 2.93 with the Alice/LG 2.0 add-on for Looking Glass.

Dokodemo どこでも。 Sagar Patel takes us on an immersive journey to the mountainsides of eastern Kyoto where he enjoys hiking and working outdoors.

Get ready for a cuteness explosion. This Drop features work from some of our favorite artists -- a collection of soft, pastel and dreamy vibes to get you through the day.

Introducing community made characters! We’re big fans of your creativity and so we decided to drop a few of our favorites!

Who loves character art? We do! Kizuna AI supplied us with this Hologram Drop so that you can hang out with her in holographic 3D.

Back to the office or back to school? Here’s a fun set of lightfield captures made by our team in Brooklyn. First day back at the office!

Dive into the incredibly detailed and mesmerizing world of holographic fractals, brought to you by community member Simone Majocchi.

We took some light field captures of our favorite people, pets, and trinkets to lighten the mood.

See winning entries from our 3D modeling competition with Sketchfab, now in immortal holographic form.

There are plenty of fish in this 3D sea of Aquarium-inspired holograms. Made using the HoloPlay Plugin for Unity.

Get started capturing your pet in iPhone Portrait mode to view in HoloPlay Studio (with Artemis as your muse!)

Browse and download experimental holograms we've made ourselves, from our desks to yours.

Feast your eyes on this delectable smorgasbord of 3D food pictures. RGB + Depth image pairs made using our 2D to 3D converter.

This collection of 3D fashion killers is guaranteed to turn heads. RGBD + depth image pairs made using our 2D to 3D converter.

Don't miss out on a Hologram Drop πŸ‘€