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Blender Artists 🎨

Celebrate 3D art made in Blender 2.93
with the Alice/LG 2.0 add-on.

Lego Explosion 🧱

Objects Within Objects 🔮

Looking Glass City 🌆

Bike Ride 🚲

Thursday Drop_09/28/21

Bike Ride 🚲

Looking Glass City 🌆

Still Life 🌻

Objects Within Objects 🔮

Hobbit Home 🛖

Lego Explosion 🧱

Mt. St. Helens ⛰️

 Looking Glass Spotlight 

To celebrate our latest Blender add-on release, Alice/LG 2.0, our team decided to put a spotlight on some of the great XR hologram work being done by our Blender community. Thanks to community members Christian Stolze and Gottfried Hofmann, this important functionality to the Looking Glass workflow came to fruition. 

“I initially developed this add-on privately in my free time because I'm a fan of Blender as well as the amazing new holographic display technology created by the Looking Glass Factory.”
- Christian Stolze

Alice/LG 2.0 for Blender 2.93 makes it possible to export your hologram creations in quilt format with ease for viewing and sharing in the Looking Glass via the Holoplay Studio desktop app. You can also preview your 3D art in blender on your Looking Glass right from the editor! 

And now to showcase the art of several community members who utilize Blender in their workflow. 

Dedouze brings us Bike Ride and Looking Glass City. A self taught artist, he uses Blender’s grease pencil tool to create a whole new medium. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram

Sean Conway combines beautiful cartography, modern terrain & GIS data, and Blender's cycles renderer to create truly astonishing works of art. He brought us a beautiful 3D image of
Mt. St. Helens

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit” Creator of Alice/LG 2.0, Christian Stolze, brings us a Hobbit House even Tolkien himself would be proud of!  

Dive into a Blender 3D Lego Explosion by Ben. Building with Lego is a great way to start thinking about voxels and 3D and with Blender you can create all sorts of scenes without the mess on the living room floor. 

Still Life - Blender Demo file by Erindale Woodford, a Procedural Artist, Designer, and Blender Instructor. 

Gottfried Hofmann dazzles our senses with a gorgeous XR display of Blender wizardry. His hologram is titled Objects Within Objects

The current version of the add-on requires Blender 2.93 or newer. You can download blender here and the blender add-on here.

Special thanks to Christian, Gottfried and all of the community members who have helped along the way. Thank you to @LamerDeluxe (Milan), @JohJakob, @xzrxzr, and @omgitsraven for the feedback as well! 

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