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Tuesday Drop_08/17/21

Goddess Descent 👸

Jellyfish girl 🎐

I'm going to be late ⏰

Under marine 🐠

I love cooking! 🍳

Digital Witch 🪄

Fountain in the forest ⛲'

Sing 🎤

Sister assistant 🖊️

Sebas chan 🔴

Brad chan 🧊

Minecraft eraser 🧱

Characters Drop

The great artist Michaelangelo was onto something when he said that  “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away...”

One of our favorite things here at Looking Glass Factory is seeing the brilliant creative work found within our community. From Discord to Twitter, your work shines through and inspires us to continue building the holographic world. 

For this Hologram Drop, our team decided to reach out to several character art creators to learn more about their work and ask if they would share their models with the community. 

If you have a Looking Glass Portrait, 4K, or 8K unit, you can study with AI Seba Chan after school during a sunset, or enjoy the encouragement of Sister Assistant bot to brighten your day. For any 3D artists who use VR to sculpt, know that artist Kouji makes his characters in Tiltbrush! There’s a lot more so check them all out!

Bringing characters to life has taken on new meaning with the introduction of 3D and AI. We can now grow closer and more connected with our favorite characters through immersive media and interactive experiences. 

We’re thrilled our community has supplied us with this hologram drop and hope you enjoy adding it to your collection. Have a character you’d like to share with our team? Send it to [email protected]! You can also tweet us your holograms at @LKGFactory and share it on our Discord in the #Showcase channel! 

Want to get started with hologram making? Head to our Learn hub to get started with step by step tutorials that will get you producing hologram magic in no time! For those of you interested in showcasing your work or sharing tutorials, please send us a message at [email protected]


Tuesday Drop_06/29/21

Chicken Run 🐔

Drew Medina

Cornell Box 🧊

Milan Pollé

Glass and Mirrors 🔮

Milan Pollé

Timmy 👦

Roland Smeenk

Toy 🧸

Anthony Litton
Vase full of flowers displayed in LKG Protrait device

Flowers 💐

Alexey Polyakov

Looking Glass Spotlight

Drew Medina

Previously featured in our Holo-quarium drop, Drew Medina strikes back in our Community Magic collection. Graze in this dreamy 3D meadow yourself by downloading “Chicken” on Drew’s site.

Milan Pollé

As Milan said, a holographic Cornell Box just had to happen. Browse his YouTube for more amazing renderings like this one. Enjoy!

Anthony Litton

Here’s a short movie about a small toy who likes things to be right. Made almost entirely with assets from the Unity Asset Store.

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