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Cute Pack 🐯

Get ready for a cuteness explosion. This Hologram Cute Pack features work from some of our favorite artists -- a collection of soft, pastel and dreamy vibes to get you through the day.

Cozy Cat 🐈

Terrarium 🔮

Little Lion 🦁

Space Nap 🛏️

Tuesday Drop_08/31/21

Dim Sum 點心 🍡

In the Mood for (Self) Love 🪞

Bloom 🌼

Quarantine ⚗️

Space Nap 🛏️

Little Lion 🦁

Ghibli Sprout 🌉

Chonklate 🍫

Terrarium 🔮

Vending Machine 🍓

Cozy Cat 🐈

Tigre 🐅

Cute Pack Drop

Take a break, sit back, relax, and enjoy an explosion of cuteness with this week’s Hologram Cute Pack. This drop features work by Agatha Yu, Joi Fulton, Christina Young, PeachySlothArt, Jane Guan , Mar, Yasmin Islas, Rachel Xiang, and Krystal Sim

Think: 90s internet girl meets strawberry Pocky wrapped in a cloud. While we’re all used to a Blade Runner-esque future set within a dystopian dreamscape, we’re turning that future on it’s softest side with the work we’re sharing this week. Every piece here is it’s own wonderland to explore -- to the cutest future!

We’d like to give a huge shoutout to all the artist’s here that made this week’s Hologram Drop happen. We hope you’ll add these pieces to your growing collection with HoloPlay Studio. Visit Learn Hub for step-by-step tutorials that will get you started making hologram magic in no time! Do you have holograms you’ve made that you’d like to share with our team? Send ‘em along to our team at [email protected] and perhaps you’ll see your work in a future drop :-)

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