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Dokodemo Office Series 🍃

Dokodemo どこでも。 Sagar Patel takes us on an immersive journey to the mountainsides of eastern Kyoto where he enjoys hiking and working outdoors.

Dokodemo 3 🍃

Dokodemo 2 🍃

Dokodemo 1 🍃

Thursday Drop_09/17/21

Dokodemo 1 🍃

Dokodemo 2 🍃

Dokodemo 3 🍃

Dokodemo 4 🍃

Dokodemo 5 🍃

 Looking Glass Spotlight 

Sagar Patel fell in love with Kyoto after relocating there from Montreal in 2013 to pursue game development. The cityscape and natural beauty instantly became a source of inspiration for the artist who soon began a practice of working outdoors and even created a Tumblr to document his early experiences living and working in Kyoto. The holograms in this collection showcase his most beloved places -- “Dokodemo Office” (anywhere).

Dokodemo どこでも” (anywhere), signifies his connection to nature while showcasing techniques he’s developed over the course of many years which can be viewed in all of our systems from Looking Glass Portrait to the Looking Glass 4K, and Looking Glass 8K displays. In collaboration with Kyoto based recording artist, Masahiko Takeda, the five audio-reactive pieces seamlessly transport audiences to these special places taking into account the temporal aspects of season, flora and fauna. Each composition blends into the next at a location and ends up either at another place or time. 

“The frequencies of the sound generate the colors of the particles being emitted and their movement. The sounds effectively "breathe" into the visual system. In essence, it's layers of systems interacting with each other that end up creating the final effect.

Some tracks are more serene, some more heavy on the bass, etc and that's reflected in the audio particles' color, shape and behaviors.” 

– Sagar Patel

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