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Holo-quarium 🌊

There are plenty of fish in this 3D sea of Aquarium-inspired holograms.
Get your toes wet with the HoloPlay Plugin for Unity.

Tuesday Drop_06/08/21

Fish in an aquarium displayed in LKG Portrait device

Drew's Holo-quarium 🐠🐟

Fish in the ocean and displayed on the LKG Portrait device

K & F Holo-quarium 🦈🐟

Unity Holo-quarium 🐡🐟

Looking Glass Spotlight

In-Depth with Drew Medina

Koi Ponds are just the beginning. It gets much deeper than that with Drew Medina. Dive into the mind that's behind some of our favorite holographic experiments and find out how his obsession with 3D (and particularly with holograms) began.

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