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Kizuna AI


Who loves character art? We do! Kizuna AI supplied us with this Hologram Drop so that you can hang out with her in holographic 3D.

Click the 👁️ icon to preview, or 📥 icon to see the high-quality holograms on your Looking Glass!

To the moon! 🚀

Forever and ever ♾️

Hello to my amazing fans ☺️

Tuesday Drop_08/03/21

Hello to my amazing fans ☺️

Forever and ever ♾️

To the moon! 🚀

Kizuna AI Drop

Who loves character art? We do! One of the most exciting celebrities today is Kizuna AI who since 2016 has been connecting with millions of fans around the world. Part of why we love Kizuna AI is because of her nonstop creativity and eagerness to reach her fans using new technologies. Now you can use your Looking Glass interface to hang out with Kizuna AI in a million rays of holographic light! 

Bringing characters to life has taken on new meaning with the introduction of 3D and AI. We can now grow closer and more connected with our favorite characters through immersive media and interactive experiences. 

We’re thrilled Kizuna AI supplied us with this hologram drop and hope you enjoy adding it to your collection. Have a character you’d like to share with our team? Send it to [email protected]! You can also tweet us your holograms at @LKGGlass and share it on our Discord in the #Showcase channel! Next week we plan adding to this drop with other character holograms from the community and one of them could be yours! 


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