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Integrate Your 3D software with the Looking Glass

The HoloPlay Core SDK gives developers the ability to integrate virtually any 3D software with the Looking Glass.

Plug & Play Holograms for Your End User

Plug & Play Holograms for Your End User

The HoloPlay Core SDK is a cross-platform software development kit that makes your existing 3D software compatible with the Looking Glass. Use your application’s current UI and workflow to build seamless plug and play experiences for your end users.

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A Better 3D Viewing Process

Integrating the Looking Glass into your rendering pipeline enhances 3D software development. Without the need for VR/AR headgear, the focus is placed on your content instead of the device, resulting in a complete 3D experience start to finish.

What we've wanted all along

“Finally, people can actually build experiences, build interactions that happen in 3D in autostereoscopic, no-glasses 3D. It’s what everyone’s wanted all along.”

-John Underkoffler, Co-founder/CEO of Oblong & creator of Minority Report holograms

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Are you ready to unlock the possibilities of integrating your software workflow with a holographic display? Start developing with the HoloPlay Core SDK.

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Find out how holographic support can be built into your development workflow using the HoloPlay Core SDK. Learn More.

How It Works

Find out how the Looking Glass works, and how you can use the HoloPlay Core SDK to show content that feels physically present. Learn more.

Design Guidelines

Browse helpful tips and tricks for creating jaw-dropping 3D experiences. Learn More.

Your Holographic Future Awaits

Image of the Looking Glass 8.9" Development Kit

Looking Glass 8.9"

Starting at $599

A personal 8.9” holographic display built for any professional or hobbyist creating content in 3D without strapping on a headset. Learn More.

Image of the Looking Glass 15.6" Development Kit and 15.6" Pro

Looking Glass 15.6" & Pro

Starting at $3,000

A 15.6” display system made for developers and businesses to present complex content in the best possible light. Learn More.

Image of the Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display

Looking Glass 8K

At 4x the scale of anything else on the market, delivering an unparalleled 33.2 million pixels with over a billion-count color gamut at 60 Hz, the Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display is the largest and highest resolution holographic display in the world. Learn More.