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Whether it’s a video game from the future, a tool to view cell mitosis in 3D, the first volumetric film in your town, or the next generation of Tamagotchi, this is where to start.

Create apps for Volume

Hypercube is our Unity plugin that lets you create almost any app in Volume. If you’re new to Unity, watch the video above. If you just want the details on SDK implementation, read our guide.

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Shoot your very own Holoflix

What the heck are Holoflix? Glad you asked. Holoflix are holographic-esque volumetric videos. They allow you to record and relive real-world memories in the third-dimension. And because Holoflix are made with depth and dimension, they look amazing in Volume.

Record, edit and playback your own Holoflix with our aptly named Holoflix iOS app, the world’s first point-and-shoot volumetric video app.

Download Holoflix

Currently only available on iOS. Tested and approved by the Occipital Team. Works with a Structure Sensor.

Sign up for Holoflix’s iOS app early release beta:

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Remixing off what already works →

Visit our App Library to take a look at what other people have built for Volume. Most of these apps will have links to repositories where you can download, review and tweak the source for your own implementation.

Come to an event at our Brooklyn Lab →

Volume was made for social experiences and we love to meet people in person. Right now, we’re offering most classes, seminars and share-outs at our Brooklyn location. If you’re not local, don’t worry! We will offer virtual meet-ups online and hope to take things on the road soon.

Or just leave us your email to stay fresh with the latest schedule.

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