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16x16x16 L3D Cube


Don’t be intimidated by this monstrosity of a cube — this 16x16x16 array is your one-way ticket to volumetric domination. Kick back in your living room with 4096 full-color LED lights. Feeling stressed? Smack it, watch the colors change, and feel whole again. This gigantic L3D Cube feeds off interaction with its user and is perfect in any room as a dynamic, one-of-a-kind decorative piece. Comes as a kit, assemble in 2-3 hours — absolutely no programming required.

What’s included:

  • 4,096 full-color LED lights
  • 5 preloaded visualizations
  • Built-in accelerometer & microphone
  • Wi-fi connectivity

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Light up the room with your Coffee Table from The Future.

Light up the room with your Coffee Table from The Future.

Illuminate Your Life

Kick back with the 16x16x16 L3D Cube (Coffee Table Edition) and illuminate your living room with a massive 16x16x16 RGB LED array. Coming in at 4096 controllable super bright pixels of light, this is literally your “Coffee Table From The Future".

The Sound of Music

Perfect for any room as a dynamic, responsive and one-of-a-kind decorative piece. Turn up the volume on your favorite playlist and watch the LEDs ebb and flow to the sound waves.

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16x16x16 L3D Cube
16x16x16 L3D Cube
16x16x16 L3D Cube

Product Specifications

16x16x16 L3D Cube

16x16x16 L3D Cube

Assembled Dimensions 555 (H) x 510 (W) x 510 (T) mm
Assembled Weight 14 kg approx
No. Of Leds 4,096
Color Clear
Main Material Acrylic, LED, PCB
Input 12Vdc, 15A, External power adapted included
Conformances cUL, CE, CCC, TUV, PSE