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6x6x6 L3D Cube


The starter “Casual L3D Cube” is your light show on the go, for home, dorm, or office use. Illuminate your life with interactive music visualizations, with more on the way every month at L3DCube.com. Assembly takes less than 30 minutes — absolutely no programming required!

What’s included:

  • 216 full-color LED lights
  • 10 preloaded visualizations
  • Built-in accelerometer & microphone
  • Exclusive access to free visualizations at L3DCube.com

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Light up your room and your life with the L3D Cube.

Light up your room and your life with the L3D Cube.

Lights and Music

Just like its predecessor, the 6x6x6 L3D Cube comes with a microphone for the most visually arresting sound visualizations on the block!

Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture

This motion-reactive feature brings your L3D Cube to life. Switch visualizations by shaking it from left to right.

Matrix Pre-loaded

Your cube comes locked and loaded with 10 visualizations. Enough to entertain you for hours on end. Bored? Download new sets of visualizations via CubeViz on L3DCube.com.

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6x6x6 L3D Cube
6x6x6 L3D Cube
6x6x6 L3D Cube

Product Specifications

6x6x6 L3D Cube

6x6x6 L3D Cube

Assembled Dimensions 170 (H) x 145 (W) x 145 (T) mm
Assembled Weight 530 g approx
No. Of Leds 216
Color Matte
Main Material Acrylic, LED, PCB
Input USB powered, adapter included
Conformances cUL, FCC, RoHS