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Meet The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass powers creators and businesses seeking to bring the science fiction dream of holograms to life.

As of 2019, with thousands of different units currently on desks around the world, the Looking Glass is the most widely-adopted holographic display in history.

We offer a 30-day “no questions asked” refund and 12-month limited warranty. Starts from $599

Icon of USB-C and HDMI cables

Easy Setup

Easy plug and play with USB and HDMI cables.

Icon showing Full-color, stereoscopic 3D scenes

true 3D

Full-color, stereoscopic 3D scenes that feel as real as our world.

Real-time Rendering up to 60fps


Updates 3D scenes at up to 60 frames per second in real time.

Icon indicating device support for 45 views

Group View

45 perspectives to see 3D from multiple angles at once.

Icon showing No Friction, View your content as holograms without any headsets.

No Friction

View your content as holograms without any headsets.

Meet the Looking Glass Family

Image of the Looking Glass 8.9" Development Kit

The Looking Glass


Starting at $599

A desktop holographic display for any professional or hobbyist creating content in 3D without strapping on a headset.

Image of the Looking Glass 15.6" Development Kit and 15.6" Pro

The Looking Glass

15.6" & Pro

Starting at $3,000

A 15.6” display system made for developers and businesses to present complex content in the best possible light.

Image of the Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display

The Looking Glass

8K Immersive Display

At 4x the scale of anything else on the market, delivering an unparalleled 33.2 million pixels with over a billion-count color gamut at 60 Hz, the Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display is the largest and highest resolution holographic display in the world.

what experts are saying about the looking glass

“The most mind-blowing technology I’ve seen in years. It’s the truly futuristic, deeply immersive display we’ve always dreamed of.”
“They’ve gone from 2-D stuff to actual digital holograms that are interactive and it’s amazing.”
“A beautiful and elegant piece of technology, affording the viewer the dignity of seeing 3D worlds without strapping a thing to their head.”
“Finally, people can actually build experiences, build interactions that happen in 3D in autostereoscopic, no-glasses 3D. It’s what everyone’s wanted all along.”
“The main advantage of Looking Glass is just how seamless it is and that the collaboration is so much easier. You can be working in 2D and all of a sudden say, ‘hey, I wonder what this is like in 3D’ and just turn your head a little bit. That’s transformational.”
“My experience with Looking Glass was that really that it’s magic. The way in which you experience 3D is much more natural and instinctive in terms of seeing how you can understand the layers of a space”

Find the Best One for You

Device Specs

Holographic Display
Photo of the Looking Glass 8.9" Development Kit

A desktop 8.9” holographic display system built for the desk of any creator working in 3D. The Looking Glass displays are compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine, and a myriad of other 3D development platforms.

Device Size (W x H x D)

8.2” x 6.1” x 3.9”


4.8 lbs

Input Resolution

2560px x 1600px (2K)

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