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L3D Cube

L3D Cube

Your personal, interactive 3D LED display

Our L3D Cubes use hundreds of full-color lights to create stunning visualizations. Each comes preloaded with presets, with many more available for download through our free CubeViz software or our CubeTube community. Acquire cubes, become popular!

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The future is lit

Illuminate your room—and your life—with mic-enabled music visualizations that change with the shake of a cube. An L3D Cube.

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Some say the cube chooses you

Whether you’re just a fan of pretty lights or a programmer interested in hacking, there’s an L3D Cube for everyone!

Cube Casual

6x L3D Cube

  • 216 RGB LEDs
  • 10 preloaded visualizations
  • Built-in microphone
  • Built-in accelerometer
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Pick your 6x L3D Cube's Casing

Cube Hacker

8x L3D Cube

  • 512 RGB LEDs
  • 4 preloaded visualizations
  • Built-in microphone
  • Built-in accelerometer
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Compatible with Arduino

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L3D Cube

16x L3D Cube

Want something bigger? We sell them (in very small quantities!) The 16x16x16 L3D Cube - with 4,096 full-color LED lights in a massive RGB array - is your one-way tickets to volumetric domination.

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Lights and music

Lights and music!

Each L3D Cube comes armed with a mic for the most visually arresting sound visualizations on the block. Bored with what you see? Just give it a shake.

Matrix Reloaded

Matrix reloaded!

Download new visualizations from our CubeViz software or the CubeTube.org platform. With an 8x L3D Cube, you can even create and share your very own!

Hacker Friendly

Hacker Friendly!

Extend your 8x L3D Cube with a Makey Makey, a Leap Motion, or a bit of Arduino tinkering. Modify a cube to your delight—it’s open source and fully documented.

It's hip to be cube

The possibilities are endless with the L3D Cube

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Product Details

6x Cube 8x Cube
RGB LEDs 216 (6x6x6) 512 (8x8x8)
Dimensions 5.6” X 5.6” X 6.7” 7.2” X 7.2” X 9.1”
No. of Programs 10 - ∞ 4 - ∞
Casing Frosted Clear
WiFi No Yes
Microphone Yes Yes
Accelerometer Yes Yes
Assembled No No
Open Source No Yes
CubeTube.org Support No Yes
CubeViz Support Yes No
Smartphone Control No Yes(Android Only)
Programming Language Arduino Arduino
Describe in ONE word "Illuminating" "Hacker"