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Super Pepper (Experimental)

An advanced interface that overlays 3D scenes on top of real objects

Super Pepper is the cousin of HoloPlayer One, using a larger 4K superstereoscopic screen and integrated depth camera for close-range augmentation of real world objects, without AR headgear. Groups of up to 20 people can experience the 3D worlds generated by this unique experimental interface.

If you’re interested in something bigger than the HoloPlayer One Development Kit or if you’ve an application requiring augmentation of physical objects, a limited number of these experimental systems are available for purchase.

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Uses the same HoloPlay Unity SDK used for HoloPlayer One.

Product Specifications

Super Pepper

16.9 x 13 x 14.4 inches 8.8 pounds
4k screen
Speaker 3W x 1
Intel® RealSense™ Camera SR300
1 screen control panel
5.5 barrel connector for 12V power input
HDMI Input
1 USB 3.0 input for the Intel® RealSense™ Camera SR300