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up to 30% off 8.9’’ Looking Glass displays

A Looking Glass for every team member.

Either in the office or at home, bring the desktop variation of the most advanced 3D display in the world to your team. We’re offering a special discount for you to be able to leverage the fastest, most stable way to visualize 3D information at your desk. The efficiency of cross-team collaboration from anywhere in the world for the lowest cost we’ve ever offered.

Looking Glass 8.9”

The most widely adopted light field display, ever.

  • Fastest way to test and show headset-free 3D holograms.
  • Develop real-time interactive content with a contactless display.
  • Best in class 50 degree view cone for easy group viewing experience.
  • Portable and stable, it’s easy to set up and bring anywhere you want to go.
  • Featuring our proprietary light field technology and compatible with a large suite of software tools, it’s the perfect introduction to the Looking Glass.

*discount code will only be activated if you order the minimum required quantity

If you’re interested in multiple units of the 8.9 “ and/or 15.6” Looking Glass Displays for your team and need a quote, request one here.

And that’s not all!
This limited time offer also includes

FREE carrying case
FREE worldwide shipping*
FREE Leap motion accessory pack ($99 value)
30-Day, no questions asked return policy

Shipping charges for deliveries outside of the US do not include any local Value Added Taxes, import duties or customs fees. See our terms and conditions for more details.