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accelerating the drug discovery workflow with holograms

Combining the Looking Glass with Schrödinger’s state of the art software platform will enable Maestro and PyMOL users to view molecular sites better, faster, and in full 3D without VR/AR headgear.

Shortening the Path to Discovery

Navigating through hundreds of molecular models requires a great deal of time and effort, and important information can be missed using 2D monitors. Having Looking Glass on your desk shortens the screening process and helps computational chemists to quickly select the right targets to work with. Viewing models with lifelike depth and dimensionality helps reduce the time that modelers would otherwise spend examining the wrong candidates.

Improved Cross-team Collaboration

Improved Cross-team Collaboration

The Looking Glass is an effective collaboration tool that can sit between a molecular modeler and a medicinal chemist, allowing them to work together to study 3D structures and simulations for quick insight. Professors and teachers alike can use the Looking Glass as a tool for education, where students can learn better with lifelike 3D structures without the need to wait on a 3D-printed model.

 Seamless, Easy, and Transformational

Seamless, Easy, and Transformational

The main advantage of Looking Glass is just how seamless it is and that the collaboration is so much easier. You plug it in, you start Maestro and you have it in 3D [in the Looking Glass]. You don’t have to think about it. You can leave it on all the time. You can be working in 2D and all of a sudden say, ‘hey, I wonder what this is like in 3D’ and just turn your head a little bit. That’s transformational.

-Pat Lorton, Chief Technology Officer, Schrödinger

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Icon of USB-C and HDMI cables

Easy Setup

Easy plug and play with USB and HDMI cables.

Icon showing Full-color, stereoscopic 3D scenes

true 3d

Full-color stereoscopic 3D scenes that feel as real as our world.

Real-time Rendering up to 60fps


Updates 3D scenes at up to 60 frames per second in real time.

30 Day Return

30 Day Return

30-day “no questions asked” return policy.

Icon showing No Friction, view your content as holograms without any headsets.

No Friction

View your content as holograms without any headsets.

Complete Your Drug Discovery Workflow

Getting started with the Looking Glass is as easy as plugging in a secondary monitor.

Maestro for the Looking Glass

Build, annotate, and view 3D molecular models in real-time.

Incentive PyMOL for the Looking Glass

Render high-resolution molecules for real-time viewing or presentations.

Hardware Products

Hardware Products

Looking Glass 8.9” & 15.6”

Whether you’re developing or presenting 3D assets, a Looking Glass display can seamlessly integrate into your existing 3D workflow. Start working with holograms with either the 8.9” or the 15.6” systems.

  • Easy plug & play setup
  • Integrates with your existing XR workflow
  • Viewable by groups of up to a dozen people
Buy 8.9" Buy 15.6"

Looking Glass 8K

The largest display of its kind. This state-of-the-art large-format holographic display easily delivers content in incredibly lifelike 3D, making it ideal for immersive presentations and education.

  • 32” holographic display system
  • 33.2 million pixels
  • Over 1 billion-count color gamut at 60 Hz
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