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Explore software solutions that work with the entire range of Looking Glass displays.

Experiential Marketing

Take branded product marketing to the next level. Our software tools and holographic display technology enable immersive 3D experiences without VR/AR headgear, allowing you to showcase the best products in the best light with the least amount of friction for your customers.

Medical Visualization

In a field where time is a life-saving factor, it’s important to be able to understand information as quickly as possible. Without the use of VR/AR headsets, providers can communicate 3D medical scans to patients more effectively. Educating tomorrow’s medical professionals also becomes more efficient, helping students visually understand complex concepts through a holographic display.

Scientific Visualization

Whether you work with LiDAR data, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, climate science, or any other field where you need to visualize and analyze 3D data or simulations, Looking Glass displays let you and your colleagues view everything holographically – producing better and faster insights, and stunning presentations.

Drug Discovery

The observation of 3D molecular structures is essential to scientists across disciplines. Viewing these structures without headgear enables you to explore molecular environments more efficiently, accelerating the discovery of tomorrow’s medicines and materials.

3D Storytelling

Volumetric filmmaking, photogrammetry, and depth captures are powerful approaches to building immersive reproductions of the real world. We’ve built several software tools and SDKs to empower 3D storytellers to debut their stories without the friction of having to put on headgear.

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Looking Glass 16"

A 1:1 holographic secondary 16” monitor. Bring 3D content to entirely new dimensions.

Looking Glass 32"

The world’s highest-resolution light field 32” display. Designed for presenting 3D content to larger groups.

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