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Announcing the holographic future of drug discovery. Learn more and order a Looking Glass today.

The Looking Glass In Use

3D Development

The Looking Glass Developer kits were intentionally built to revolutionize the way developers create 3D content. By visualizing 3D content as holograms that you can see as plainly as any real world object, the Looking Glass Developer Kits serve as an avenue for creating that resonates with viewers unlike anything else.

Looking Glass creators have been leveraging this visceral response to holograms by creating content that reshapes how we think about media as a tool for exploration, creativity, and connection.

Mapping & Surveying

Exploring and analyzing spaces have been crucial to the development of civilization since the beginning of our history. While it’s never been easier to view our surroundings, as 3D mapping becomes a standard practice across industries, perceiving relative depth and distance in real 3D space has become more important than ever.

Whether scanning an environment to produce more accurate maps of our world, or to visualize the construction of future cities, the Looking Glass is the ideal vantage point to see it all.

Medical Visualization

In addition to saving lives, medical professionals also have to be skilled at communication in order to teach students and relate to patients.

The Looking Glass makes challenging discussions easier and more meaningful by the added context of a three-dimensional living scene. Students and patients alike can form a better understanding of complex medical concept with a Looking Glass display.

Art & Entertainment

Art & Entertainment

From the very first attempts by Walt Disney and all the way to what animators at Pixar have been producing over the last decade, the media and entertainment industry has forever sought to achieve a greater and more complete illusion of life.

We live our lives perceiving objects in three dimensions and nothing feels more real than characters and worlds that appear in a Looking Glass display as they would in real life.


In-person marketing can be a challenge for many companies, especially when you’re competing in a crowded trade show. Turn conversations into conversion by showcasing your 3D assets in such a way that people can’t help but to stop and notice.

What greater way to draw people’s attention than to provide them with the holograms they’ve long dreamed about since their first Sci-Fi movie?


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Meet the Looking Glass

Meet the Looking Glass

The Looking Glass® isn’t a science fiction dream of tomorrow. It’s here today. Get the world’s best selling holographic light field display and create, view, and share holographically for the first time. No VR or AR headset required.

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