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The Premier Stage for 3D Storytelling

Equipping volumetric video producers with holographic display technology enables a frictionless way to debut 3D stories without VR/AR headgear.

Enchant Audiences with Holograms

The Looking Glass brings your 3D stories to life as digital holograms, making it easy for multiple viewers to enjoy the captivating world you’ve created.

From individual developers to large-scale capture studios, the Looking Glass is the premier stage for 3D storytelling.

Screening Made Simple

Whether you’re viewing privately or with an audience, the Looking Glass provides viewers with a holographic window into your world. This allows for a more natural viewing experience while delivering unmatched three-dimensional quality.

Now you can spend less time juggling headsets and more time sharing your story.

"Bring volumetric experiences to life"

“[The] Looking Glass makes volumetric video content social and accessible. People can walk up to the display and instantly view and explore the content. With the Looking Glass SDK we quickly bring volumetric video and immersive experiences to life.”

-Dave Smiddy, Head of Product at Intel® Studios

Holographic Software Tools

Browse the tools that will help you make stunning 3D films in the Looking Glass.

Depth Media Player

Bring the real world into the Looking Glass with holographic photos and videos. Easily import clips from Depthkit to view your depth captures in 3D.

Support Tools and Plugins

Our SDKs, design guidelines, and documentation will help you on your way to developing the next great holographic experience.

Depthkit Tutorials

Find in-depth tutorials on importing volumetric videos from Depthkit to view in your Looking Glass.

Hardware Products

Hardware Products

Looking Glass 8.9” & 15.6”

Whether you want to preview your content as you go, or show off finished content to groups of people, the Looking Glass displays make experiencing your 3D content easier and quicker than gearing up with a headset.

  • Easy plug & play setup
  • Integrates with your existing XR workflow
  • Viewable by groups of up to a dozen people

Looking Glass Pro

Redefine what a 3D story can be with the Looking Glass Pro. Allow users to explore your immersive content like never before with an all-in-one touch-sensitive holographic display system that works out of the box.

  • Touch-sensitive 15.6” screen
  • Foldout 7” 2D touch display
  • Built-in wifi-enabled computer

Looking Glass 8K

The Looking Glass 8K is the largest holographic display system in the world. It takes visual storytelling into the future with 3D content that can extend far beyond the glass to create a stunningly lifelike holographic experience.

  • 32” holographic display system
  • 33.2 million pixels
  • Ove 1 billion-count color gamut at 60 Hz
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