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Cutting Edge Holographic Product Exhibitions

The Looking Glass takes branded product marketing to the next level. Use our holographic displays to create immersive 3D experiences without VR/AR headgear.

Showcase Products in the Best Light

Showcase Products in the Best Light

Holographic light field displays enhance branded experiences while simplifying the presentation workload. Now you can deliver scalable 3D content without compromising the physical experience of your products—whether it’s a warehouse, luxury vehicle, or a nanoparticle.

Immersion, Not Submersion

Immersion, Not Submersion

It’s easier to market products when they’re in the room with you. Displaying content as holograms in the Looking Glass ensures that viewers can appreciate 3D quality without completely leaving the real world. This autostereoscopic approach to 3D emphasizes real-world interaction over face-blocking headgear.

"Seamless and Natural" Interactions

The Looking Glass allowed us to display interactive and immersive visualizations of INFINITI cars and branding identity. Due to its holographic effect, it was very eye-catching but, more importantly, increased the immersion and allowed the user to almost feel the car.

-Frantz Lasorne Visionaries 777 Co-Founder - INFINITI Hologram Experiences at NAIAS 2019

Holographic Software Tools

3D Model Importer

Create a presentation with multiple holograms, and use a 3D cursor to interact with models. Supports gltf’s, glb’s, and obj files.


Interact with holograms using a keyboard and mouse, or plug in a Leap Motion for hand interaction. If you can plug it into a computer, you can use it to interact with holograms.

Developer Tools

Make custom experiences using development platforms like Unity, Unreal Engine, or three.js.

Hardware Products

Looking Glass 8.9” & 15.6”

Whether you’re developing personal work or building professional assets, the Looking Glass displays are great for creating and showcasing holographic content.

  • Easy plug & play setup
  • Integrates with your existing XR workflow
  • Viewable by groups of up to a dozen people
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Looking Glass Pro

Featuring touch-screen capability, an additional foldout 7” display, and a built in computer that’s wifi-enabled, the Looking Glass Pro stands in a class of its own. Turn it own and present holographic experiences out of the box.

  • Touch-sensitive 15.6” screen
  • Foldout 7” 2D touch display
  • Built-in wifi-enabled computer
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Looking Glass 8K

The Looking Glass 8K is the largest holographic display system in the world. Great for displaying content that needs to extend beyond the glass, the Looking Glass 8K is a holographic window into other worlds.

  • 32” holographic display system
  • 33.2 million pixels
  • Ove 1 billion-count color gamut at 60 Hz
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