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The Most Advanced Holographic Display for Medical Imaging

Enhancing comprehension and communication with support for over 50 medical imaging formats coming soon

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The Looking Glass is a low-friction, high-fidelity holographic display that showcases 3D medical data in a truly three-dimensional format. This allows students, patients and professionals alike to gain a deeper understanding of complex biological structures.

  • Proprietary light field technology
  • Multiple users with no eye tracking or headsets required
  • Holographic experience that feels truly physically present

Established Partnerships in the Medical Community

It has always been a part of our vision to empower the medical community with our technology, and through partnerships we’ve been able to make a valuable impact. With partners, we’ve provided a multitude of ways to bring holographic imaging to radiology, orthodontics, research, and other medical imaging fields.

We’re happy to help with any current projects, collaborate on grants, or provide quotes on large orders for research purposes.

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Learn more about 3D Slicer and Holoviewer.

Light-field displays, such as the Looking Glass hologram, allow straightforward interpretation of complex 3D anatomy. More critically, these ‘holographic’ displays enable collaborative discussions between providers, patients, and caregivers without the need for heads-up displays or specialized glasses.

Dr. Yueh Lee, Ph.D., Department of Radiology of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in an interview about the 2019 Roadie Award he received

Medical Imaging Software

3D Slicer

  • Over 50 formats supported, including DICOM, neuroimaging, microscopy, and more
  • Open source and modifiable for your specific needs
Download 3D Slicer

3D Model Importer

  • Great for exploring anatomical models easily found on the internet
  • Supports .obj, .gltf, .glb
  • Support for slideshows, animation, and 3D pointing
Download 3D Model Importer

Developer Tools

Looking Glass Displays for Medical Visualization

Select the size that best suits your needs. Note: our software for the medical community is supported by all our Looking Glass devices.

Looking Glass 15.6”

A holographic second monitor to help you visualize your 3D medical data.

  • Simple setup
  • Viewable by groups up to a dozen people
  • Starting at $3000
$3000 / $6000

Looking Glass 8.9”

Portable and stable, it’s easy to set up and bring anywhere you want to go, this display provides the same great level of software compatibility as the 15.6”.


Looking Glass 8K

Great for making presentations in conference rooms or in front of large groups. Designed to make a lasting impression.

Available now.

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