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Explore 3D Scientific Data Holographically

Enhancing comprehension and communication with support for dozens of formats.

See your 3D data, in 3D

If you work with 3D data, whether that’s finite element analysis, fluid dynamics, or LiDAR, this low-friction, high fidelity holographic display shows it in a truly 3-dimensional manner.

  • Proprietary light field technology
  • Multiple users with no eye-tracking or headsets required
  • Holograms that feel physically present
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Present your data with high impact

Share your team’s most critical insights to visitors, VIPs, or the general public with presentations that leave a lasting impression. Looking Glass displays allow for more natural viewing and interaction compared to other available 3D presentation technologies:

  • Do not require goggles for optics or tracking, like AR / VR / CAVE
  • Very comfortable viewing experience with no discomfort (similar to a 2D Screen)
  • Easy to set up
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Scientific Imaging Software


Native Looking Glass support developed alongside Kitware.

3D Model Importer

Support for obj, gltf, and glb formats, with a 3D cursor, navigation controls, and slideshow support for presentations.

Download 3D Model Importer

Developer Tools

Software plugins for Unity, Unreal Engine, three.js, and VTK. Or, integrate Looking Glass support into any 3D software with HoloPlay Core.

Looking Glass Displays for Scientific Visualization

Select the size that best suits your needs. Note: all our Looking Glass devices provide equal scientific visualization software support.

Looking Glass 15.6"

A holographic second monitor to help you visualize your 3D scientific data.

  • Simple setup
  • Viewable by groups up to a dozen people
  • Starting at $3000
$3000 / $6000

Looking Glass 8.9"

Portable and stable, it’s easy to set up and bring anywhere you want to go, this display provides the same great level of software compatibility as the 15.6”.


Looking Glass 8K

Great for making presentations in conference rooms or in front of large groups. Designed to make a lasting impression.

Available today.