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Unreal Holograms In Real-time

With the Looking Glass Factory plugin for Unreal® Engine, UE4 developers will now have unrestricted and unparalleled access to the third dimension without the use of VR/AR headgear.

Holographic 3D Development

Where showcasing 3D designs via single-user VR/AR headsets can be a point of friction, displaying work to groups of viewers through the Looking Glass is seamless.

Use the HoloPlay Plugin for Unreal to translate existing Unreal projects into holograms in real-time. Enjoy developing and viewing work completely in the third dimension.

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Unreal Quality Without Compromise

Looking Glass displays are lifelike holographic windows into other worlds. Photorealistic assets designed in Unreal Engine become equally high-fidelity holograms that can be experienced by groups of up to a dozen people without any headsets.

Our proprietary light field display technology brings 3D worlds to life as holograms, pushing the boundaries of virtual possibilities.

A Stunning Level of Realism

“Having access to a glasses-free holographic display is a massive breakthrough, and presents an exciting prospect for teams working in immersive computer graphics, visualization and content creation. The Looking Glass holographic display provides a stunning level of realism, and we look forward to seeing the innovations that emerge with the support of Unreal Engine generated content.”

Kim Libreri, CTO, Epic Games


Get started today with the help of our creator resources, including a tutorial on how to create in Unreal Engine 4 with the Looking Glass.


Find helpful reading and tutorials on how to use your Looking Glass to create and view holograms. Learn More.


Be amazed by holographic applications created by the Looking Glass community. Learn More.

Design Guidelines

Browse helpful tips and tricks for creating jaw-dropping 3D experiences. Learn More.

Your Holographic Future Awaits

Image of the Looking Glass 8.9" Development Kit

8.9" Development Kit

Starting at $599

A personal 8.9” holographic display built for any professional or hobbyist creating content in 3D without strapping on a headset. Learn More.

Image of the Looking Glass 15.6" Development Kit and 15.6" Pro

15.6" Development Kit/15.6” Pro

Starting at $3,000

A 15.6” display system made for developers and businesses to present complex content in the best possible light. Learn More.

Image of the Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display

8K Immersive Display

At 4x the scale of anything else on the market, delivering an unparalleled 33.2 million pixels with over a billion-count color gamut at 60 Hz, the Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display is the largest and highest resolution holographic display in the world. Learn More.