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Introducing the L3D Cube, the world's first volumetric display for creating + sharing in 3D

The Start of the 8-Bit Holovid Era
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Cubes aren't squares. See pricing for comparison.

Fun and easy to build

Typically, a LED cube takes hours, if not days, to build. Assemble your L3D Cube in just 30 minutes. No soldering or programming required.

Visualize music across time and space. Recreate video games like Snake or Space Abduction with the Z-axis. Life's just better in the Third Dimension.

Fun and easy to build

Create and connect

Write your own L3D Cube programs and share them with our CubeTube* community. Connect your L3D Cube with others, and extend it even further with a Makey Makey, Kinect, or Leap Motion.

PSFK calls us "the Pong of holograms". That's because we're pioneers — and we're just getting started.

*Available for the 8x8x8 and 16x16x16 L3D Cubes only

"...the Pong of holograms."
"What kind of images and animations can you create with just 512 points? Apparently, a lot."
"Meet the lava lamp 2.0."

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6x6x6 L3D Cube
6x6x6 Cube
  • 6x6x6
  • 216 RGB LEDs
  • Includes Mic (No Wi-Fi)
8x8x8 L3D Cube
8x8x8 Cube
  • 8x8x8
  • 512 RGB LEDs
  • Includes Mic & Wi-Fi
16x16x16 L3D Cube
16x16x16 Cube
  • 16x16x16
  • 4096 RGB LEDs
  • Includes Mic & Wi-Fi
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