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For creators, by creators.

The term Looking Glass is synonymous with magic and the window into another world. Our team of 50 around the world is committed to building a world where 3D creators come first.

Looking Glass Factory is committed to building a hologram-powered future.
No dystopian futures allowed.

Our Story

Founded in 2014, Looking Glass Factory Inc is headquartered in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with additional operations in Hong Kong. In 2018 the company launched the world's first desktop holographic display dev kit; in 2019, started shipping the world's first 8K light field display; and in 2020, launched Looking Glass Portrait, a personal holographic display. Yeah, we really love holograms.

Today, Looking Glass Factory is building a world in which everyone from LiDAR photographers to Unity developers to Fortune 500 companies can leave Flatland and enter the third dimension. Welcome to the (holographic) future.

We are backed by some of the best founders and venture capitalists in the industry including