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Looking Glass Unity Plugin

Create holographic characters, experiences, and entire worlds with our Unity Plugin.

Bring 3D scenes and characters to life using the Unity Plugin for your Looking Glass. Requires Looking Glass Bridge.

Release notes (3.0.5)

This is a major refactor that adds support for our latest hardware devices, but also may break backwards compatibility! Features in this release:

  • Support for Looking Glass Go devices
  • Support for Looking Glass 16” Spatial Displays
  • Support for Looking Glass 32” Spatial Displays
  • Post-processing support in URP
  • Major API refactor, including changes to class names and calibration loading logic - may cause compiler errors when migrating existing projects!
  • Bug fixes
    • 3D cursor prefab no longer throws an error on initial import
    • Quilt capture time and frame interval bug fix
    • Fixed quilt capture pausing bug that would record no frames
    • Fixed view interpolation rendering black views


  • Unity v2021 or later
  • Looking Glass Bridge v2.0.9 or later
  • Windows 10 or 11
  • Mac (Apple Silicon)
  • Built-in Render Pipeline
  • Universal Render Pipeline (though there are known issues with deferred rendering and the 3D cursor)


Note that the Looking Glass Unity Plugin and applications built on top of the Plugin are not open source and is provided under license.

The source code is provided as an example of what’s possible with the Looking Glass.

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