3D visualization and interaction for groups of people

The Looking Glass 32" Spatial Display uses proprietary technology to deliver truly three-dimensional content. Highlight details that can't be seen on traditional 2D screens.

No headsets required
Group viewable 3D
Interactive experiences
Looking Glass
32" Spatial Display Portrait
Looking Glass
32" Spatial Display Landscape

A game-changer for innovators across applications

Looking Glass 32” offers innovative teams the chance to develop on the future of digital media, today. Skate to where the puck is going, by building 3D-ready platforms and experiences.

Deliver the world’s most realistic digital product twins and build interaction into your customer's journey.

Unlock new technical and creative possibilities by enabling true 3D visualization as you design. Transform product demos with renders you can interact with like real objects.

View molecular models or medical images in 3D. Make timely decisions with more visually clear data.

Create a full-fidelity digital twin of any parts, product, or environment. Inspect from every angle before manufacturing.

Spatial visualization

Our displays offer a large, immersive visual field where groups of people can experience and collaborate in 3D together.

Enterprise ready

Ideal for any organization looking to develop next-generation 3D applications. Currently used by R&D innovation teams across the
entire globe.

3D development platform

Build on top of a powerful software suite with existing plugins for tools like Unity and Unreal Engine or integrate into your existing workflows with our native SDK.

Accessible 3D

Viewed comfortably by groups of people without any specialized training or special headsets, bringing lifelike virtual holograms without headsets.

A flexible solution

Wall mount, embed, or put on a desk. This new form factor is designed to work with standard VESA mounting maintaining unparalleled depth along with a wafer-thin form factor.

Spatial media for all

Looking Glass displays generate up to 100 views of a single three-dimensional scene, allowing seamless 3D visuals for groups more accessible than all other 3D hardware.

Isometric phone graphic showing a cube in one view

1 View

Isometric VR headset graphic showing a cube in one view
VR headset


Isometric Looking glass graphic showing a cube in multiple views amongst many people viewing
Looking Glass

Broadcasts up to 100 views for multiple groups of people

Build on top of a leading 3D platform

Display holograms on your Looking Glass  by rendering your native 3D content with the tools you already use.

Unity Plugin

Create holographic characters, experiences, and entire worlds.

Unreal Plugin

Create and interact with highly realistic holographic creations.

Blender Add-On

Create beautiful holographic characters and animations.

WebXR Library

Build immersive web experiences using WebXR.

Looking Glass Studio

View and edit a variety of holographic formats.

Looking Glass SDK

Make any existing 3D software compatible with Looking Glass.

Tech specs

Display size: 32”
Input resolution: 7680x4320
Viewing cone: 53°
Number of views: 45 - 100

Technical specifications


Size dimensions (L x W x H)

740.1mm x 112mm x 434.6mm / 29.14” x 4.4” x 17.11”

Screen diagnal

801mm / 31.5”


11kg / 24.4 lb


Aluminum / ABS / Proprietary lens mix / Glass / Steel

Viewing cone

53 degrees

No. of views

45 - 100

Input resolution

7680px x 4320px

Display input

DP port x 2

Optional add-on computer specs

NUC9I7QNB with 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD, Windows 10 pro
RTX 3090 Turbo.
Cooler Master NC100 White plus 750W power supply.

Minimum requirements


Graphics card

  • Must be able to output 7680px x 4320px over 2 x DisplayPort
  • Requirements vary based on software
  • Software developed at Looking Glass Factory is optimized for NVIDIA RTX 3090 Turbo

Operating system

64-bit Windows 10

Input power requirements

19VDC 11.8A (as supplied by provided AC/DC transformer)

User output power requirements

100 - 240VAC

What's in the box

  • Looking Glass 32" Spatial Display
  • Desktop mount plate
  • Power supply
  • Getting Started guide
  • DP cables (2) - 1.8m
  • USB 3.0 A to B cable - 1.8m
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Optional external computer with secondary 15.6" touchscreen for app control and wireless keyboard + mouse combo set
  • Optional Carrying case - Custom molded aluminum hard case

Warranty & support



  • 12 months included from dispatch of product
  • Guarantee of repair or replacements for defects
  • Work confidently with cutting edge technology
  • For complete information on warranty click here

Service and support

  • Priority service support - 1 business day response time
  • Possible local tech support from local partner
  • Regular tips and tricks to enhance user experience
  • Continuous improvement of services and software tools
  • Access to an ever-expanding library of tutorials, develop documentation, and onboarding

Trusted by leading brands

"It is a breathtaking display – a must-have for malls, stadiums and storefronts."
— Erik Murphy-Chutorian, CEO 8th Wall
“Looking Glass’ 3D technology can be deployed in physical environments along with paired metaverse experiences to create deeper, more immersive interactions between brands and their customers.”
— David Treat, Senior managing director Accenture
“At Springbok, we believe that Looking Glass has reached that balance and created a technology where limitless applications are now possible.”

— Brandon Zamel, CEO SpringBok
“They continue to innovate the field of display technology, bringing the 3D virtual world into the real world– without the hassle of a headset. This is a great step in making the metaverse more accessible for all.”
— Tony Parisi, Metaverse Pioneer

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