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Looking Glass for Blender Artists

Unleash your creativity with the brand-new Alice/LG 2.0 Blender Add-On. Compatible with Blender 2.93 or later on Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

Bring 3D Scenes to Life

Created by and for our Blender community, Our add-on enables you to seamlessly integrate holographic rendering into your pipeline.

Access Alice/LG 2.0

Get Started in Minutes

Our Technical Specialist (and Blender extraordinaire) Bryan shows you how to use Blender with a Looking Glass in a new tutorial, now live on our Learn site!

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The 3D Experience You've Always Imagined

What You Blend is What You Get

Build your scene in Blender and see it one-for-3D almost immediately in any Looking Glass display. The live viewport function now allows for direct updating while in editor mode.

Bike Ride by Dedouze

For Simple Models & Complex Animations

Whether you're just trying to capture a still life or render out a 40-second animation, the Looking Glass Blender Add-On does the work for you. Focus on your art and let the tool do the heavy lifting.

Mt. St. Helens by Sean Conway

Lights, Camera, Holograms

Easily set up lights, cameras, and assets for rendering, then share exports in a file format that is compatible with all Looking Glass systems.

Keep Exploring

Head on over to our downloads page and get started with the Alice/LG 2.0 Blender Add-On for Looking Glass right away. Dive right in with videos, tutorials and documentation and free your 3D creations from the confines of a 2D screen.

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Looking Glass Portrait

Take the leap and get your hands on a Looking Glass Portrait today. Join tens of thousands of creators already in the Looking Glass community who are making incredible creations everyday.

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Looking Glass Portrait

Holograms come to 3D life in Looking Glass Portrait. See how you can bring your artwork to new dimensions today.

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It's not every day you learn holograms are real, let alone that you can make them. Sign up to learn more about how you can get started today.