View in real 3D. No headset required.

A lineup of holographic displays.

Looking Glass Portrait


The world’s only personal holographic display. Turn 3D content from your favorite software — or even your iPhone— into breathtaking three-dimensional holograms, in your home. No headset required.
Looking Glass 32"


Our larger holographic display, built for true immersion and multiple viewers. Display show-stopping holograms or build engaging product configurators to drive sales without even storing product on shelves.
Looking Glass 65"

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The future of the storefront and digital out-of-home media. Create jaw-dropping 3D experiences for up to 100 viewers at a time with the world’s largest holographic display.

View in real 3D. No headset required.

Holograms from
your 3D content.

Display holograms on your Looking Glass  by easily rendering your native 3D content with the tools you’re already using.

Unity Plugin

Create holographic characters, experiences, and entire worlds .

Unreal Plugin

Create and interact with highly realistic holographic creations.

Blender Add-On

Create beautiful holographic scenes and animations.

Looking Glass SDK

A cross-platform SDK that makes your existing 3D software compatible with the Looking Glass.

Looking Glass Studio

View and edit a variety of 3D image and video formats on the Looking Glass.

3D Model Importer

View and edit a variety of 3D model formats on the Looking Glass.

Goodbye GIFs.
Meet holograms.