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The dream of the hologram. Within reach.

Volume is a new form of true 3D display. For the very first time, anyone can pull 3D content directly from the digital world into physical space.

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Hypercube is our Unity plugin that lets you create almost any app in Volume. If you’re new to Unity, watch the video above. If you just want the details on SDK implementation, read our guide.

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How does Volume work?

Volume is not an illusion and it’s not a parlor trick. Volume is a new type of volumetric display that uses our patented lightfolding technology. Millions of points of light are channeled into a 3D volume slice-by-slice, creating a truly 3D display.

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Build the future.

Explore, download and tinker with what your fellow friends of the future are building. Visit the Looking Glass App Library — online or in-person at our Lab in Brooklyn, NY.

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We're hosting open office hours every other Thursday at the Looking Glass Library in Brooklyn 🙂Come make some 3D stuff in Volume.

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"A dream you dream alone is just a dream. A dream you dream in Volume with another person is reality."

Oko Yono

"Yeah, of course we have a Volume, it does everything!"

90% of humans in 2026

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