Looking Glass Factory - Chasing the Dream of the Hologram


The holographic canvas is a new, universal way to create and output 3D content, and it’s nearly here. Our first Looking Glasses will be 30% off. We want to make sure you don’t miss out.

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What People Are Saying

We think we're onto something. But don't take our word for it.
"The future of computing is holograms"
“It’s a new mode of interacting with your content… It really is an incredible thing. It feels very futuristic.”
"It’s the kind of trippy immersion you get from a more experimental VR demo...but without the headset."
“This reminds me of Minority Report, or even Willy Wonka [WonkaVision]… It’s straight out of a sci-fi dream.”
"There's no question that this is a neat way to experience a 3D interface."
Create in 3D like never before.Shape a piece of digital clay, slice a virtual beating heart. Develop applications for an all-new 3D interface.
See it with your own eyes.No 3D glasses, no bulky VR or AR headgear required. No-friction interaction and development.
Experience it with friends.Immersive 3D content no longer has to be a solo experience. Let friends see your 3D creations instantaneously.

Holograms IRL

Join us as we travel around the world to share our holographic products.