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The Looking Glass

The Holographic Display revolutionizing 3D work

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Industry Solutions

The Looking Glass increases the efficiency and effectiveness of 3D visualization across multiple industries.

Holographic Software Suite

In addition to its industry-leading proprietary light field technology, the Looking Glass displays come paired with an expansive set of software tools, applications and utilities to fit any need. From a simple 3D Model Importer utility that is able to directly read-in OBJs or glTFs to native integration support with our HoloPlay Core SDK, explore the range of software development tools that we offer.

Platform Plugins
3D Format Support
Native Integration Support

Transformational Visualization

The Looking Glass is the easiest way to see holographic content.

The future of 3D is headset free, group viewable, and available today.

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Proprietary Light Field Technology

Featuring a patented combination of hardware and software technologies, the Looking Glass re-imagines how the world can see and interact with real-time holographic content.

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RECAP: Advancing 3D Visualization

Update: 10/13/2020

RECAP: Advancing 3D Visualization

After our first webinar, many folks reached out to learn more about who’s using holographic displays today. Now Looking Glass Factory Co-founder and CEO Shawn Frayne shares a bit about our effort inventing the Looking Glass, our first major integrations in the scientific and medical spaces with Schrodinger and Kitware, and how it all began with R&D. Watch it now!

Powering 3D Workflows at Leading Companies