Holograms that say hello.

Introducing Liteforms™ — conversational holograms powered by Looking Glass and ChatGPT.

Creating a new reality with holograms and conversational AI.

Immersive 3D experiences.

View 3D content the way it was intended with the world's only group-viewable holographic displays. 3D holograms with life-like lighting and textures can now be a part of everyday life. No headsets required.

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Conversational AI characters.

We combined the magic of Looking Glass' 3D holograms with the power of generative AI. Meet Liteforms™ — a platform that brings talking, living, holographic characters to life. No typing required.

Meet Liteforms

Powering magical experiences.

Retail's next dimension.

"61% of consumers say they would prefer brands that use immersive tech, and holograms offer the most immersive digital content that can be viewed by groups in public settings."¹

Hover cursor across to wiggle!

Merge the digital and physical worlds.

This is the future of immersive solutions. Engage groups with real 3D content.

Luxury retail  in-store

Events & Pop-ups

Digital art

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