Looking Glass welcomes you into a new era of spatial experiences you can now share with others, with your first portable holographic display.

Looking Glass Go™

Immersive 3D for the masses.

Redefining reality with headset-free holographic experiences.

See in 3D, together.

Looking Glass unlocks 3D brilliance with cutting-edge light field technology. Every pixel springs to life on either the 32" or 65" holographic displays, delivering a group-viewable, dynamic viewing experience like never before.

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Unleash your full creative power.

Experience your art, product designs, or photographs in stunning, immersive 3D. Transform them into breathtaking holograms with just a few clicks on Looking Glass Portrait, your personal holographic display.

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Conversational AI holograms.

We combined the magic of Looking Glass' 3D holograms with the power of generative AI.

Meet Liteforms™: a platform that brings talking, living, holographic characters to life.

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Already powering hologram magic.

"It is a breathtaking display – a must-have for malls, stadiums and storefronts."
— Erik Murphy-Chutorian, CEO 8th Wall
“Looking Glass’ 3D technology can be deployed in physical environments along with paired metaverse experiences to create deeper, more immersive interactions between brands and their customers.”
— David Treat, Senior Managing Director Accenture
“At Springbok, we believe that Looking Glass has reached that balance and created a technology where limitless applications are now possible.”

— Brandon Zamel, CEO SpringBok
“They continue to innovate the field of display technology, bringing the 3D virtual world into the real world– without the hassle of a headset. This is a great step in making the metaverse more accessible for all.”
— Tony Parisi, Metaverse Pioneer

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