Your first personal holographic display.

Looking Glass Portrait. Designed for people, real and imagined.

Looking Glass Portrait is for the millions of creators that are ready to own the third dimension: artists, developers, designers, filmmakers, photographers, and those of you just starting to explore 3D viewing, capture, and creation.

Today, even your phone can capture holograms.

Experience 3D content in the real world.

With Looking Glass Portrait, your eyes are exposed to millions of rays of light, reproducing 3D content in a viewing experience that’s no different to looking at the real world. No VR headsets required.

Radically light.

This new class of holographic display combines revolutionary optics and software while being light in weight and price. Looking Glass Portrait works with your PC, Mac, or standalone to unlock a new mode of 3D interaction that is completely personal.

Your phone already has a holographic camera.

Capturing holograms has never been easier. A single Portrait mode photo contains all the depth information necessary to generate your first holographic memory in a Looking Glass Portrait.

Holographic possibility expands with imagination.

Use any camera to capture realistic holographic photos.

Record holographic videos with depth cameras and phones.

Share professional grade volumetric video content.

Build interactive applications of your own using Unity or Unreal.

Give 3D characters from Blender and Sketchfab holographic form.

Use peripherals like VR or hand-tracking controllers.

The early bird gets the hologram at $349 $249.

Hand interacting with a Looking Glass Portrait holographic display

Meet the Looking Glass family.

Looking Glass 15.6"

Your holographic second monitor. Supercharge your 3D workflows for individuals or group use.

Looking Glass Portrait

Your personal holographic display. Designed for people, both real and imagined.

Looking Glass 8K

Your holographic workstation. Deploy your standalone application in the real world.