Your first personal holographic display.

Looking Glass Portrait. Designed for people, real and imagined.

Capture and create your own holograms easily.
Looking Glass Portrait is designed for the millions of people that work and play in 3D: artists, designers, developers, filmmakers, photographers, and those of you just starting to explore three-dimensional capture and creation.

Even your phone can now capture holograms.

A holographic display so advanced, it's simple.

Create your own

Create an infinite loop of holographic photos and video messages from the future with our easy-to-use software.

Plug and play

Simply power up over USB-C to find yourself in hologram-land. Works with your Mac and PC, or completely standalone.

No headgear

Multiple people can see into new worlds or relive memories in 3D at the same time. No VR headsets or 3D glasses needed.

Radically light

Revolutionary optics and software make for a new class of holographic display that's under 1.5lbs/0.7kg and $300.

Holographic Photographs

Your phone already has a holographic camera. A single Portrait mode photo contains all the depth information necessary to generate your first holographic memory in a Looking Glass Portrait.

Holographic Video Messages

Send a holographic birthday message, or say hello to your great-great-great granddaughter. Now you can record 10-second holographic messages with a single click.

* compatible with Microsoft Azure Kinect and Intel RealSense cameras, as well as iPhones X, 11, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max with TrueDepth and LiDAR capabilities.

Holographic Characters & Digital Humans

We support integrations with Maya, Blender, Sketchfab and more. Free your creations from flatland and bring them into your world.

Interactive Applications

Build your own holographic apps. Use our powerful Unity & Unreal plugins by connecting your Looking Glass Portrait to a PC or Mac.

Interactive application shown above inspired by work by Eliza (

Looking Glass Portrait. Your first personal holographic display.

When we invented the first holographic light field display back in 2018, we estimated that within ten years over ten million people would have one, if they only understood its benefits. The interfaces of the future wouldn’t be worn on your head 16 hours a day, but they would be more like campfires glowing with three-dimensional fields of light that you could gather around with others. Sometimes in the same room, other times a world apart. With the Looking Glass Portrait, that future is closer than ever. We'll see you there!

Looking Glass Portrait next to a desktop computer running Unity3D

The early bird gets the hologram at $349 $249.

Hand interacting with a Looking Glass Portrait holographic display

Meet the Looking Glass holographic displays.

Looking Glass 15.6"

Your holographic second monitor. Supercharge your 3D workflows for individuals or group use.

Looking Glass Portrait

Your personal holographic display. Designed for people, both real and imagined.

Looking Glass 8K

Your holographic workstation. Deploy your standalone application in the real world.