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A big and bigger day for holograms.

Introducing Looking Glass 4K Gen2 and Looking Glass 8K Gen2, the next generation of 3D interfaces.

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Holograms are virtually reality.

Gather with friends around a holographic display that shows content in stunning, lifelike 3D.

Starting today, everything from Unity apps to 3D models and even photos taken on your smartphone can live forever in three dimensions on your desk. No VR or AR headsets required.

Now playing in the third dimension.

Made for creators.

Explore creations from our thriving community that shed light on the limitless holographic possibilities.

Fish in an aquarium displayed in LKG Portrait device

Drew's Aquarium 🐠🐟

silver cat in Looking glass Portrait display

Artemis Diorama 2 🐈

Holograms in the News

Join the hologram revolution.

Looking Glass 4K Gen2

A 1:1 holographic secondary 15.6” monitor. Bring 3D content to entirely new dimensions.

Looking Glass 8K Gen2

The world’s highest-resolution light field 32” display. Designed for presenting 3D content to larger groups.

Looking Glass Portrait

Only $349 $299. Your holograms await.

See you in the future.

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