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What People Are Saying

We think we're onto something. But don't take our word for it.
"The future of computing is holograms"
“It’s a new mode of interacting with your content… It really is an incredible thing. It feels very futuristic.”
"It’s the kind of trippy immersion you get from a more experimental VR demo...but without the headset."
“This reminds me of Minority Report, or even Willy Wonka [WonkaVision]… It’s straight out of a sci-fi dream.”
"There's no question that this is a neat way to experience a 3D interface."

What Can HoloPlayer One Do?

Explore dozens of new holographic applications already developed and built by our Hologram Hacker community. What will you make with the HoloPlay SDK?


The closest thing to a holographic display this side of Tatooine

The cinema dream of the hologram has finally arrived with the release of HoloPlayer One. This is a first-of-its-kind system interactive system that allows anyone to bring-to-life their dream of the hologram.

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Develop your own holograms in Unity

With HoloPlayer One and the HoloPlay SDK, the Z axis in your Unity applications can now exist in real, physical space. Our step-by-step tutorial walks you through setting up your first scene, with extra support from our forum community of Hologram Hackers.

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Create in 3D like never before.Shape a piece of digital clay, slice a virtual beating heart. Develop applications for an all-new 3D interface.
See it with your own eyes.No 3D glasses, no bulky VR or AR headgear required. No-friction interaction and development.
Experience it with friends.Immersive 3D content no longer has to be a solo experience. Let friends see your 3D creations instantaneously.


This is not a drill, or a Pepper's Ghost

Unlike the 2D “hologram” illusions that you might’ve seen used at live concerts, HoloPlayer One is something entirely different. HoloPlayer One scenes float above the glass, inviting direct interaction coincident in 3D space with the 3D digital content.

This system allows you to bring a piece of the hologram dream into your own home.

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32 different, simultaneous views

A lenticular overlay mounted atop of the system’s LCD screen generates each of these views behind the scenes in real time through the HoloPlay SDK.

An optical circuit consisting of an extremely high gain retroreflector array and several other optical films then reimages those 32 views above a beamsplitter, enabling comfortable 3D interaction through and within the floating lightfield!

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HoloPlayer IRL

We travel around the world with HoloPlayer One. Here it is at a few events from the past year.

HoloPlayer One

Chase the dream of the hologram

The Future of 3D Content Awaits

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