Coming Soon. Turn Up The Volume!

Bring 3D creations to life in physical space with the world's first personal volumetric display.

Our first Volumes will be available for preorder in Fall 2016. Enter your email below and we'll let you know the second it arrives.

Create Living 3D Displays

From volumetric prints to LED cubes, Looking Glass brings living pieces of digital space into the real world. And we’re just getting started. The battle for the future of reality begins Fall 2016, when we unveil Volume, the world’s first personal volumetric display.

Create Art!

Illustrate in 3D using existing 2D tools like Adobe Photoshop and Animate.

Video Gaemz!

Create games made in Unity3D the way they were meant to be played.

Hey, I work with 3D! How can I get involved?

Let there be light

Our L3D Cubes let you create, hack, and share your very own interactive light shows, using 3D displays that house hundreds or thousands of points of light... or maybe even millions.

  • The Volume


    2,000,000 voxels

"...the Pong of holograms."

Brady Dale

Writer, PSFK

"What kind of images and animations can you create with just 512 points? Apparently, a lot."

Norman Chan


"Meet the lava lamp 2.0."

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