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We have a vision of the future and it doesn’t involve headsets or parlor tricks. Looking Glass Volume lets you see and touch digital 3D content in the real, physical world.

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Looking Glass creates technologies unlike anything you’ve seen before. From our programmable LED cubes to our Lightfolding volumetric displays, our products are currently sold at the MoMA Store in New York and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

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Louis Lumière develops a process for projecting “cinema in relief,” and shoots several “stereo synthesis” demos in Paris. The market, however, is not yet ready for stereoscopic, or “3D”, cinema.


Fifteen-year-old Shawn Frayne spends hours upon hours building holograms with The Holography Handbook. Achieves rudimentary success but curiosity prevails.


Nearly 20 years later, Looking Glass Factory is founded by CEO Shawn Frayne, CTO Alex Hornstein, and a small team of engineers from Shawn's previous company.


Volumetric printing debuts at MakerFaire NYC and South by Southwest. Looking Glass sells 1,000 volumetric prints on an experimental basis, and continues to make them for good friends.


L3D Cubes launch on Kickstarter. Over 700 units sell in one month, totalling $250,000 in sales. The Museum of Modern Art's Design Store in New York calls the L3D Cube the "lava lamp 2.0."


Looking Glass Volume, the world’s first personal volumetric display. Beta program is a resounding success, as 3D digital content starts to make its way into real physical space.


Looking Glass working on Top Secret Invention meant to catapult us further into the future. Interested parties sign up to become privy to said secret.

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