Make anything you want

Looking Glass displays are powered by a software suite that turns any existing content into 3D content with tools that you're familiar with.

The only way to create holograms.

Turn the trillions of 3D content pieces made in Unity, Blender, Unreal – even the depth cameras on your smartphone – into 3D holograms with our suite of tools.

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Supported platforms
Unreal EngineAndroidiPhoneWebXR

Plugins for your
3D workflows

Easily render holograms from your native 3D content using our plugins for your tool of choice.

Unity Plugin

Create holographic characters, experiences, and entire worlds.

Unreal Plugin

Create and interact with highly realistic holographic creations.

Blender Add-On

Create beautiful holographic characters and animations.

WebXR Library

Build immersive web experiences using WebXR.

Looking Glass Studio

View and edit a variety of holographic formats.

Looking Glass SDK

Make any existing 3D software compatible with Looking Glass.

Your memories – in full depth.

Create 3D holograms from your favorite 2D memories using our web-based 2D-to-3D conversion tool on Looking Glass Blocks.

2D to 3D converter

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Studio (Portrait Mode photos)

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Explore a world of hologram content

We've built aholographic sharing platform for 3D creators. Use it to convert any existing 2D images, create playlists and share them with your family and friends.