Additional Terms and Conditions for Liteforms Service

Last Updated: April 20, 2023

These additional terms apply solely to the backend online service component of the Liteforms™ conversational AI holographic character application and service (such service, the “Liteforms Service”), and are supplemental to and incorporated by reference in the Terms of Service. All capitalized terms used herein but not defined herein will have the definitions set forth in the Terms of Service. The Liteforms Service is a Service under the Terms of Service.

The Liteforms Service provides holographic characters that can hold spoken conversations with you. The purpose of the characters is to delight and inspire you by pairing realistic and convincing spoken conversations with realistic and convincing Looking Glass 3D holograms.

1. User Account

To use the Liteforms Service, you must have a current Looking Glass user account.

2. Characters and Conversational AI

When you speak to a character, it provides a response that is generated by a generative AI platform. The Liteforms Service uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT generative AI platform (“ChatGPT”). The Liteforms Service takes the words you speak to the character (“Prompts”) and transmits them to ChatGPT’s APIs, which process your Input and returns a response (“Outputs”) that the character then speaks back to you. All Outputs are Third Party Content under the Terms of Service.

The ChatGPT platform has limitations. It has biases. It may provide factually incorrect responses. It may respond with offensive content. It may not comply with the Code of Conduct. Be careful and use your best judgment. Evaluate the accuracy of Output. Do not use or rely on information you hear from characters, especially those that relate to “consequential uses,” such as information relating to employment, finances, health or the like. Do not take any response as professional advice. Read the OpenAI documents below for more details and considerations. Note that none of the Output represent the views of Looking Glass.

Your use of the Liteforms Service is subject to OpenAI’s Terms of Service :  and Usage Guidelines: You are responsible for reviewing these policies. By using the Liteforms Service, you are affirming that you have read these policies, understand them, and agree to abide by them.

3. Collection and Processing of Audio.

In order for the Liteforms Service to transmit Prompts to ChatGPT, it must first transcribe your spoken words into a written transcript. The Liteforms Service uses Microsoft’s Speech Services, specifically the “speech-to-text” feature (“STT”). The Liteforms Service passes digital recordings of your Prompts to STT Azure servers for transcription. The STT Azure servers process the audio input in memory, and return transcribed text back to the Liteforms Service. No data is stored at rest, and all data in-transit is encrypted for protection. Microsoft states that no data is retained or stored.

Your use of the Liteforms Service is subject to Microsoft’s Data and Privacy for Speech-to-Text. You are responsible for reviewing this policy. By using the Liteforms service, you are affirming that you have read this policy, understand it, and agree to abide by it.

The Liteforms Service needs to record your speech. In order to do so instantaneously and responsively, the Liteforms Service continuously monitors for your voice – in other words, be aware that the microphone is always “on” while the Liteforms app and service are operating. You agree to use reasonable efforts to ensure only your spoken words are detected and recorded by your computer’s or device’s microphone. This includes being mindful in public or open spaces where other people’s voices might be easily recorded.

4. Privacy; Use and Storage.

The Liteforms Service only collects the personal information that is essential for it to operate effectively. 

The Liteforms Service only collects from you your voice and spoken words, which are saved and processed as audio data files encoding your voice and words. Your voice and spoken words may be considered personal information in some jurisdictions. All audio data files are automatically deleted after their transcription. 

Additionally, you may have spoken personal information about yourself, in which case transcriptions of your spoken words will include personal information. You should be careful about disclosing your personal information. 

By default, transcriptions are saved in the Looking Glass cloud. They may be used in order to improve our Products, services and feature set and to enable our characters to remember previous conversations from session to session to improve your user experience. 

Please see the Privacy Policy for full information and details.

5. Code of Conduct

Your use of the Liteforms Service must comply with the Looking Glass Code of Conduct.  By using the Liteforms service, you are affirming that you have read the full Terms of Use and the Code of Conduct, understand them, and agree to abide by them.

The Liteform Service may block Prompts that violate the Code of Conduct, or that are likely to lead to Outputs that violate the Code of Conduct violations.

6. Moderation and Content Filtering

Looking Glass does not human moderate conversation. However, the Liteform Service implements OpenAI’s “Moderation API” content filtration system. This implementation reduces the frequency of unsafe conversations, and checks whether conversations comply with OpenAI’s usage policies.

7. Payments

We may limit the duration of use or other aspects of the Liteform Service, and require payment of fees for certain usage rights. These purchases are In-App Purchases under the Terms of Service, and specific offers or purchase options are described within the service or on our website.

8. Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights

Prompts and Output are User Content under the Terms of Service with respect to ownership and intellectual property terms and conditions.

9. Disclaimers


Looking Glass provides no guarantees or promises about how the Liteform Service operates or that it will function as intended. The Liteform Service is for entertainment purposes; the Liteform Service is not error-free, may not work as expected and may generate incorrect information. You should not rely on the Liteform Service and you should not use the Liteform Service for advice of any kind. Your use of the Liteform Service is at your own risk.

Looking Glass does not control or endorse the content, messages or information found in the Liteform Service and, therefore, Looking Glass specifically disclaims any liability with regard to the service and any actions resulting from your use of the service.

10. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Looking Glass, its affiliates, employees and any other agents from and against any claims, losses, and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) arising from or relating to your use of the Liteform Service, including your subsequent use of any content from the Liteform Service, or your breach of these additional terms or violation of applicable law.

11. Feedback & Reporting Concerns.

While Looking Glass works to avoid characters providing unexpected offensive answers, and takes steps to prevent potentially harmful topics, you may still encounter unexpected results. 

If you encounter harmful or inappropriate content during conversations with characters, please provide feedback or report a concern to Looking Glass by emailing The Liteforms Service will also actively ask for feedback periodically.

Looking Glass has real humans read all feedback and reported concerns, and has internal processes to consider and respond to information it receives. However, due to resource constraints, we may not necessarily respond individually to you regarding your specific feedback. Further, as discussed above, since the conversational AI of the Liteforms Service is provided via ChatGPT, and so our ability to respond to certain feedback may be constrained by our reliance on the output of ChatGPT.

All feedback and reported concerns are Feedback under the Terms of Service.