The future of retail.

Merge the physical and digital worlds with holograms.


of consumers say they would prefer brands that use immersive tech.1


of consumers say they would pay more after customizing products with immersive tech.1

The future of retail.

Bring your products to life with the world’s first lineup of group-viewable 3D holographic displays - no VR or AR headset required. Infuse wonder across your retail marketing funnel and redefine your customer’s journey.

Acquire Customers

Stop passers-by in their tracks.


Drive organic virality and word-of-mouth for your brand with the Looking Glass 65” , the world’s biggest holographic display. Stand out from the sea of 2D displays with jaw dropping 3D holograms.

Enhance Stores

Craft an unforgettable in-store experience.


Surprise and delight your store visitors with an immersive and interactive holographic experience they won’t forget. Create an infinite shelf and display optical twins of your entire inventory, reducing the need for physical product. Save space, save the planet.

Empower Customers

Enable customer-driven design with live 3D product configurators.


Host product configurators on the Looking Glass 32”, allowing your customers to customize products in astounding fidelity featuring life-like lighting and textures, leveraging haptic interaction.  Deepen brand loyalty by inviting consumers into the creation experience.

Sell Product

Reimagine the point of sale.


Upsell add-on products at point-of-sale using the Looking Glass Portrait, leaving customers with a memorable last step that reflects the overall experience.


Powerfully nurture post-sale—in the metaverse.


Digitally deliver the same holograms seen in-store via Looking Glass Blocks  - the first ever hologram-sharing platform that lets your customers view holograms of your products anywhere in the metaverse: mobile, desktop, VR & AR glasses, and of course, Looking Glass displays.

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