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HoloPlayer One

Pre-Production Beta Release

HoloPlayer One—a new interactive lightfield dev kit—is set to launch by the end of the year, but for the few dozen intrepid hologram explorers, you can get a beta version NOW!

HoloPlayer One is a brand new interface for anyone and everyone who loves 3D creation and 3D content. This is a system for developers who have long dreamed of building 3D holographic sand castles without a box over their head. Reach in to directly touch, interact with and transform 3D content to your heart’s content.

Ships September 30.

$1000 $750 USD (Beta Price)

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  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Sneak Peek

We’re making a few dozen of these prototypes for our closest friends and hologram-lovers and hologram-lover-friends. In a few months, these dev kits will be sold at a full list price of $1,000.

A full Unity SDK (for the super stereoscopic visual feed and 3D interaction) is available for download. Start hacking the hologram immediately! Join the nascent Hologram Hacker community right here to see what others have made!

The prototype dev kit includes an integrated RealSense SR300 for full 3D interaction and volumetric video capture. Wowza!

Note: The exact appearance of the dev kit will change over the next few weeks. But we promise this will closest thing to a holographic display this side of Tatooine.

Full refund available anytime before shipment, of course.

A hologram you can touch

HoloPlayer One allows for true one-for-one 3D interaction with your real human fingertips. No fiducials here—directly manipulate floating, living voxels with human touch.

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Touch a hologram with your bare hands! Track, manipulate, carve, fold, conjure, or explore directly in 3D.



Scenes float above the glass, inviting direct interaction coincident in 3D space with the 3D scenes.



32 simultaneous views that are tight enough to be viewed in 3D without glasses in a 47-degree viewing cone.

What can I do with HoloPlayer One?

How HoloPlayer One Works

The HoloPlayer One generates 32 different simultaneous views by using a lenticular overlay mounted onto a 2560px X 1600px screen, with each of these three dozen views displayed at a resolution of 267px x 480px. These 32 views are generated behind the scenes in realtime through the HoloPlay SDK.

An optical circuit consisting of an extremely high gain retroreflector array and several other optical films then reimages those 32 views above a beamsplitter, enabling comfortable 3D interaction through and within the floating lightfield!

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Not a Pepper's Ghost

But wait, didn’t Coachella Tupac, Hatsune Miku, and Gorillaz do this already? While those 2D reflections (or Pepper’s Ghost systems) may be internet-famous, HoloPlayer One is something entirely different.

Pepper's Ghost

Pepper's Ghost

  • Two Dimensional
  • Behind the glass
  • Not interactive
HoloPlayer One

HoloPlayer One

  • Three Dimensional for 32 views
  • Floats above the glass
  • Interactive

Your Hologram Hacker Community Awaits

Hack the hologram and help shape the future of a new interface.

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Product Details

Device Size

12.5” (W) X 11.3” (D) X 3.4” (H) CLOSED (Yes! It folds!)

12.5” (W) X 12” (D) X 14” (H) OPEN




5VDC, 2A

Provided Adapter



MacBook Pro with OS X v10.6 or higher.

PC with Windows 10 (graphics card recommended for an improved frame rate)

Get your HoloPlayer One Now!

$1000 $750 USD (Beta Price)