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The next generation of the most advanced holographic displays.

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Looking Glass Portrait

A radically lightweight holographic display designed for personal use.


Display Size


Viewing Cone

1536 x 2048

Input Resolution


No. of Views

Looking Glass 4K Gen2

A 1:1 holographic secondary 15.6” monitor that brings 3D content to entirely new dimensions.


Display Size


Viewing Cone

3840 x 2160

Input Resolution


No. of Views

Looking Glass 8K Gen2

The world’s highest-resolution lightfield 32” display. Designed for presenting 3D content to larger groups.


Display Size


Viewing Cone

7680 x 4320

Input Resolution


No. of Views

Holographic possibility expands with imagination.

Holographic Photos

Use any camera to capture hyperrealistic holographic photos.

Holographic Videos

Record holographic videos with depth cameras and phones.

Volumetric Videos

Share professional grade volumetric video content as holograms.

Interactive Applications

Build interactive applications of your own using Unity or Unreal.

3D Characters

Give 3D characters from Blender and Sketchfab holographic form.

Physical Interaction

Add peripherals to your display for direct holographic interaction.

Ready for prime time.

The Looking Glass family supports multiple 3D formats. Create holograms the way you already create.

Supported 3D Formats

Directly import universally recognized 3D file formats.




Q4 2021


Q4 2021

Supported 3D Capture Formats

Photograph and record 3D content in multiple ways

Portrait Mode Photos

RGB-D Photo & Video

Panning Videos

Turntable Videos

Q4 2021

Supported 3D Modeling Tools

Directly export from a popular 3D creation and sculpting tool.


Supported Development Engines

Build experiences with popular 3D development platforms.

Unity Engine

Unreal Engine

Enhance your Looking Glass experience.

See you in the future.

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