Looking Glass 32"

Embrace the future of 3D immersion.

Bring magic back into your brand, or shine a light on complex, multi-dimensional data.


The future of 3D immersion, today

It's an age of boundless creative potential. In moments, turn any vision into a design, then display it as an object indistinguishable from the real world on a Looking Glass Display.

The beginning of the 3D era

See how Looking Glass solutions are ushering in the 3D era through impactful real-world activations.

Emerging Technologies

NVIDIA: AI-mediated 3D Video Conferencing

An AI-mediated 3D video conferencing system that can reconstruct and autostereoscopically display a life-sized talking head using consumer-grade compute resources and minimal capture equipment.

An endless variety of experiences

A variety of demos on the Looking Glass 32” to show a little taste of what is possible with immersive holographic magic.

Product Design, transformed

This demo demonstrates how the Looking Glass 32" brings Accenture Liquid Studio's exquisite watch to life.

Sneaker customizer

Experience footwear fantasy on the Looking Glass 32", where a wave of your hand transforms a 3D holographic sneaker.

Satellite visualization

Looking Glass and the US Space Force have created a new way to interact with satellite data, simplifying visualization to boost mission-readiness

Looking Glass 32”

Bring magic back into your brand, or shine a light on complex, multi-dimensional data with group-viewable 3D.

Looking Glass 65”

The future of the storefront and digital out-of-home media. Captivate audiences like never before with the world’s biggest holograms.

Dive into the Future with Looking Glass

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