How the Looking Glass Works

Meet the world's most advanced light field technology.

Looking Glass is the whole widget: a combination of advanced optics, custom electronics and a software stack designed for the creation and consumption of holographic content.

Proprietary light field technology

At its core, the Looking Glass is powered by our proprietary light field technology, generating between 45-100 views of a 3D scene. As a result, multiple people can view full-color, dynamic, 60fps three-dimensional holograms in any of the Looking Glass displays without needing to gear up in AR/VR headsets.

  • 50-60º view cone depending on model

  • Multiple user viewing

  • No headset required

Physically present holograms

On a conventional 2D display, every pixel shines with two properties: intensity and color. But the Looking Glass is different.

By adding a third property of directionality to millions of points of light, the Looking Glass can reproduce real and synthetic 3D information more realistically than anything else before.

As a viewer moves left and right, their eyes perceive stereoscopic images from different points of view, meaning that the dimensionality and also finer details like specular reflections of the real world are reproduced.

Holograms you can touch

The second generation of Looking Glass displays (like the Looking Glass Portrait) has a reworked optical system so that the holograms are no longer “contained” in a volume. They can project in front of and behind the physical display, meaning you can literally touch these holograms.

The Looking Glass is more than just hardware. Every Looking Glass ships with a suite of software plugins and integrations designed to transform most types of 3D content into holograms. For both beginners and advanced users.

The Looking Glass vs other displays

The Looking Glass vs other displays
Features AR/VR Headsets 3D Monitors CAVE Peppers Ghost (e.g. Tupac Hologram) Looking Glass
Stereo 3D Content
Viewable from different perspectives
Headset-free experience
Viewers per device 1 1 A few Many Many
Ease of Setup Medium Easy Difficult Medium Easy
Price of Deployment $$ $$ $$$ $ - $$$ $
Nausea / Discomfort Level Medium Medium Medium None (similar to 2D display) None (similar to 2D display)

In addition to its industry-leading proprietary light field technology, the Looking Glass displays come paired with an expansive set of software tools, applications and utilities to fit any need.