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How the Looking Glass Display Works

The World's Most Advanced Light Field Technology

The World's Most Advanced Light Field Technology

The Looking Glass displays are powered by our proprietary light field technology that generates 45 distinct views of a three-dimensional scene. Unlike any 3D display that has come before it, multiple users now have the ability to gather around a Looking Glass to see different parts of that scene in the real world, without any eye-tracking or headsets.

How the Technology Works

On a 2D display, every pixel shines with a given intensity and color. But through the Looking Glass, the light also has directionality to it. The optics splits the otherwise normal 2D display into 45 different perspective. Which means, as you move left and right, each eye is grabbing the image from a different point of view and the light reflections, change realistically with your movement.

For a more in-depth look into how the Looking Glass creates the visual illusion of physically present holograms, dive into our documentation.

Many Perspective At Once

As you move around the Looking Glass, your eyes are exposed to different sets of 3D information, creating a life-like 3D experience for the viewer. What this means is that unlike other AR/VR or 3D monitor technologies which can sometimes cause nausea and discomfort, Looking Glass displays produce a very comfortable viewing experience that is both frictionless and collaborative.

Revolutionizing 3D Visualization

Conventional 3D monitors have all but disappeared from the marketplace and while other technologies (like AR/VR, CAVE or Pepper’s Ghost technologies) have attempted to achieve similar results, most alternative technologies often come at a cost — either to comfort, ease-of-setup or quite literally, at a very high cost of adoption. The Looking Glass displays have become the solution for those looking for a better, more comfortable and most importantly, a cost-effective alternative for their 3D workflows.


The 3D Display, Perfected.

The 3D Display, Perfected.

When you peer into a Looking Glass, you will see 3D content that feels like it’s physically there. The sensation of physical presence is a result of our proprietary light field display technology that renders scenes in a truly three-dimensional way. The holographic image can be seen well within the 50° view cone coming out of the display — no headsets required.

If you don’t believe the hype, see how industries around the world are using Looking Glass displays to power their 3D workflows.

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Holographic Software Suite

In addition to its industry-leading proprietary light field technology, the Looking Glass displays come paired with an expansive set of software tools, applications and utilities to fit any need. From a simple 3D Model Importer utility that is able to directly read-in OBJs or glTFs to native integration support with our HoloPlay Core SDK, explore the range of software development tools that we offer.

Platform Plugins
3D Format Support
Native Integration Support

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The Looking Glass displays are available in a range of different sizes and configurations.