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Integrate your 3D workflow with the Looking Glass using the HoloPlay Core SDK.

How the Looking Glass Works

the Looking Glass Experience

Physically Present Content

Physically Present Content

When you peer into a Looking Glass, you will see 3D content that feels like it’s physically there. The sensation of physical presence is a result of our proprietary light field display technology that renders scenes in a truly three-dimensional way.

Optimized For Comfort

Unlike other AR/VR or 3D monitor technologies which can sometimes cause nausea and discomfort, Looking Glass displays produce a very comfortable viewing experience that is both frictionless and collaborative.

Group Viewable

Group Viewable

The holographic image can be seen well within the 50° view cone coming out of the display — no headsets required.

Comparison to Similar Technologies


How the Hardware Produces Holograms

Proprietary Light Field Technology

The Looking Glass displays are powered by our proprietary light field technology that generates 45 distinct views of a three-dimensional scene. Unlike any 3D display that has come before it, multiple users now have the ability to gather around a Looking Glass to see different parts of that scene in the real world, without any eye-tracking or headsets.

Many Perspectives At Once

As you move around the Looking Glass, your eyes are exposed to different sets of 3D information, creating a life-like 3D experience for the viewer.

Read our docs for a more technical explanation

A Rich Software Ecosystem

Platform SDKs

SDKs for Unity, Unreal, JavaScript

Rich documentation, complete with API references, example scenes, design guidelines

Active developer community

3D Format Support

Applications to support common needs

Model Importer for .obj, .glTF, .glb support
Depth Media Player for Depthkit video

Native Integration Support

Cross-platform dev kit for building native Looking Glass support into your 3D software

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Use Cases in Industry

Explore how various industries are using Looking Glass displays to transform their 3D workflows