Goodbye 2D.
Hello, holograms.

The world’s first group-viewable 3D holographic displays. No headset required.

Render it.

Looking Glass software allows you to render holograms from native 3D content in Unity, Blender or Unreal with a few clicks. You can even turn 2D content into 3D content with our web-based conversion tools. Creating holograms has never been this easy.

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Supported platforms
Unreal EngineAndroidiPhoneWebXR

See it.

With our hardware, 3D content all around can finally be viewed and interacted with as it was intended. Real, dynamic and colorful holograms can now be a part of everyday life.

Holographic Displays

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Looking Glass 65"

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Share it.

We created Blocks: the embeddable holographic browser experience. Share holograms anywhere on the internet, across any device - Looking Glass displays, VR glasses or even mobile - with a single link.

Supported hardware

Laptops & Desktops

AR/VR Headsets

Mobile Phones & Tablets

Holographic Displays

Hover cursor across to wiggle!

A stunning portal into the third dimension.

Looking Glass displays offer up to 100 views at one time to create a nausea-free, group-viewable 3D experience that's never been seen before.

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VR headset

Looking Glass

Merge the digital and physical worlds.

This is the future of immersive solutions. Engage groups with real 3D content.

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Events & Pop-ups

Digital art

Powering mind-blowing 
immersive experiences today.

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