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Looking Glass Portrait

The Looking Glass Portrait is a 3D canvas for storytellers: artists, designers, filmmakers & photographers looking for a new way to create and share in the third dimension.

  • Pre-loaded demo reel works out of the box
  • Seamless plugins for Unity, Unreal Engine & Blender
  • Convert 2D images and turn them into holograms
  • Endless streams of holograms and applications from Blocks or Conversational AI Liteforms
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Create your
AI sidekick

Create conversational AI characters with our no-code builder for both holographic and 2D displays.

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Transform experiences with Liteforms

Liteforms™ breathes life into AI, delivering expressive and customizable embodied AI characters. We make it easy to build characters tailored to any need, where a text box just won’t do — a store greeter, a digital concierge, or a brand ambassador at a trade show.

Real-time conversations

Memorable engagement

Curated personalities

Any character. Any Looking Glass.

Always on. Ready to engage.

The possibilities are endless. Liteforms can be trained on data specific to you or your brand, ushering in a new frontier of interactions across multiple settings including retail, location-based entertainment and concierge services.

Personalized shopping.

Joyfully greet and inform customers at stores with an always-on brand ambassador.

Concierge for all.

Welcome and inform guests to offices or hotels with an ever-present concierge service that stays fresh all day long.

Elderly support.

Consistent companionship for the elderly and their caregiver. Always there, always caring.


Meet Uncle Rabbit, the future of AI chatbots.

By adding artificial intelligence to its repertoire, a hologram company is hoping to bring a friendly face to new technology.

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Some conversation snippets.

Liteforms combines Looking Glass light field technology with ChatGPT  to create the most immersive holographic conversations.

This must be it

Uncle Rabbit , can you guess this song?

Delicious carrots

Time to play two truths and a lie!

The new Turing test

Turing Test champ, not your average byte!

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