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Looking Glass 8K

Revolutionizing 3D visualization. Introducing the highest-resolution holographic light field display.

Available today.

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Seamless, Easy, And Transformational

Seamless, Easy, And Transformational

At a massive 32” and headset-free, the Looking Glass 8K is perfect for large scale implementation, collaboration, and exhibition where efficiency and accuracy are the highest priorities. No manual calibration or maintenance between viewers is necessary.

The holographic light field display features a best in class 50 degree view cone with seamless super-stereo transition. Without the eye fatigue and ill effects commonly associated with VR or AR, the Looking Glass 8K is optimized for viewers of any visual acuity and age. Everyone can just see it.

Showcase Stunning Interactive Content

Featuring our proprietary light field technology and compatible with a large suite of software tools, the Looking Glass 8K supports major 3D interaction engines and file formats.

Enterprise 3D visualization has never been easier or more efficient. The holographic future is here and available today. Want to find out more?

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Industry Solutions

Professionals who work in 3D are integrating Looking Glass displays into their workflows.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (inch)

28.9” x 16.9” x 3.5”

Dimensions (mm)

733.5 x 428 x 88.5


51.8lbs / 63lbs (with base plate)

Input Resolution

7680px x 4320px

Aspect Ratio


Color Depth

1.07 billion colors

Refresh Rate

8K at 60Hz

Class of Light Field

45 element horizontal parallax

Field of View

50 degrees

Viewing Distance

2-30 feet

Power Supply

Input: AC100-240V ~50-60Hz, 3.5
Output: 19.5Vdc 11.8A


Audio line out

Included in box

• Looking Glass 8K Display
• Looking Glass 8K Base Plate
• Power Supply
• 2 x Display Port Cables
• USB Type-B Cable
• Leap Motion Controller
• Custom Carrying Case
• High-End PC Bundle (i7 CPU, 16GB ram, RTX 2080 Ti GPU, 256 GB SSD)


Graphics Card Compatibility:

  • Must be able to output 7680px x 4320px over 2 x DisplayPort
  • Requirements vary based on software
  • Software developed at Looking Glass Factory is optimized for NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti

Operating System Compatibility:

Img 64-bit Windows 10

Img 64-bit Linux - CentOS 7+, Ubuntu 18.04+

Holographic Software Suite

Create holographic experiences and display 3D content in your Looking Glass with ease using our powerful suite of SDKs and utilities.

Platform Plugins
3D Format Support
Native Integration Support

Powering 3D Workflows at Leading Companies

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